In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson wrote,

“All Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness…”

In other words, what our Founding Fathers were asserting was the fact that the King of England, or any king for that matter, wasn't born with an extra rights that somehow gave him a claim to rule over everyone else. The point they were making is that because all men are created equal, everyone has the same rights and an equal share in them as everyone else.  By way of this principle then, the founders were making a legitimate case for declaring independence from the king of England because since each man has at the moment of crea...

For too long, Christian people have made the decision to disengage from political discourse in stark contrast to everything the Bible teaches us about stewardship of what God has given us.  In Luke 19, we’re told, “occupy till I come.” According to the Merriam-Webster's definition, occupy means to engage our attention and energy, to take or hold possession, to fill or perform the functions of something.  Whether it's taking ownership and responsibility of our families or taking responsibility for the nation God gave us, Christians should be occupying. The Bible teaches Christian people to be good stewards over our families, finances, etc. but for some reason when it comes to politics, too many believers think we need to back off and let the chips fal...

As a member of the Missouri State Legislature, I'm often asked to speak at different events. As a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, from time to time, I'm also asked to speak at veterans events. On Veterans Day a few years back, I was asked to speak at an event to address a group of veterans to honor their service to our country, I did not know until later that I was asked to speak only because their first speaker had health issues that prevented him from attending. After I finished my talk and shook a few hands I found out just who I had “replaced.” The man that was supposed to address the veterans was an 87 year old veteran himself but he had just suffered a stroke and was now doing his best to recover in the care of a nursing home. He ser...

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