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Pew Research 2017 Views on Abortion

Startling news from the Pew Research Center's 2017 study regarding Americans' views on abortion. Most alarming is the opinion on the legality of abortion by those who identify as Christian when asked. In all categories of respondents, with the exception of white evangelical protestants, the majority of those identifying as Christians surveyed said that they believe abortion should be legal in all or at least most cases. What is just as concerning is that the study shows that public support for abortion among American adults in general remains as high as it has ever been in two decades of polling with favorability for abortion still resting on the uptick for the second year in a row.

What does this tell us about the state of Christianity in America today? Is this a result of pastors refusing to engage in political issues for fear of losing their tax-exempt status? Or is this a sign that Christianity as America knows it has been debased to reflect the conventional wisdom of popular cultures, political correctness, feminism, and everything else professing Christians occupy their hearts and minds with? Or, is it both and then some? The short answer is yes to the latter.

Christian people need to engage on this issue both with each other and with those who feel like abortion is the answer. What a poor and unfortunate place for any mother to be in when visiting an abortionist seems like the path of least trouble. These are women that need to be loved and embraced by Christian families and shown that they can choose life and find the support they need in our churches. The poor and unfortunate truth however, is that churches by and large don't have outreach ministries to find these women. That's most likely because the majority of those calling themselves Christians believe abortion should be legal in all, or at least most cases.

The entire Pew Research study can be found here.

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