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Apparently the Democratic Party leadership and its philosophical adherents in government, mainstream media, Hollywood and the voting public are positing themselves as the new “moral compass” for America. That’s right, the people who favor and want to force down the throats of everyone else their agenda for the killing of babies and every kind of aberrant moral behavior imaginable insist on lecturing all of us as to what’s moral and what represents American values, etc. Like Bill Clinton, they like to tell us over and over again, what is “wrong” and what isn’t. And like Barack Obama they like to lecture us on “Who we are as Americans.” The idea of these people representing any kind of moral compass for America is as sick, twisted and dangerous a proposition as anything could possibly be.

The Democratic Party is the standard bearer for atheism, abortion, anti-Americanism, and any and all sexual aberrancy. It is against personal liberty, private ownership of property and the perpetuation of our existence as a sovereign nation. All this and more has been codified by them and exists in the form of a printed statement of The Platform of the Democratic Party (which is an almost mirror image of The Communist Manifesto).

The mental, moral and spiritual train wrecks in government, media and Hollywood do not represent a “moral compass” for America. They represent the “useful idiots” Lenin referred to who are needed to overthrow a government that is based on belief in God, upon life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and upon government by and for the people. They and those who listen to, follow and vote for them, etc. are the ones needed now by Marxist-minded political elitists who are determined to overthrow a presidential administration that seriously threatens their goal to overthrow of our Constitutional Republic and to bring about “the fundamental transformation of America” that Democrats promised, but failed to bring to pass under the previous administration.

The Democratic Party as a moral compass is equivalent to anthrax being a food supplement. The very idea that the most amoral and immoral people in the nation would somehow provide a moral compass is symptomatic of the insanity of sin.

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

—John 8:32

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