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Yes, the Left, Socialism, the Democratic Party is ruinous. Did you see what is addressed in this video coming to America? Yes? No? Well, here it is. Americans are now witnessing and suffering the effects of a full-blown effort, a full-court press, by the Democratic Party and other socialist/communists to literally overthrow our constitutional republic.

Those who are orchestrating our overthrow are doing it in collusion with those in positions of power and influence within government, mainstream media, public education and the entertainment industry. Complicit too are those within the religious establishment. And then, there is the rank and file throughout our society who are following the drumbeat and siren song of the activists and agitators in our classrooms, newsrooms and living rooms (by way of television).

All of the above constitutes people whom Vladimir Lenin labeled as “useful idiots” (his term not mine). “Useful idiots” whom socialists and communists have used for well over a century to topple governments and enslave populations. The public (government) education system and our other institutions have colluded to, and succeeded in, producing two generations of useful idiots. They will turn you and your children and grandchildren into useful idiots if they haven’t already, and if they can. The ranks of useful idiots in America is growing. Their voices are getting louder, their threats are growing more menacing and their acts of violence are becoming more commonplace.

Useful idiots can be found everywhere now in America. They are a diverse lot economically, ethnically, educationally, socially and religiously. They’re young and old, white collar, blue collar and no collar. But however glaring differences like these are among them, all of these useful idiots have one thing in common.

What useful idiots have and have always had in common is that they don’t know that they are useful idiots. They don’t realize that they are being scammed, played, conned and used by tyrannical, wicked people; people who want to and will, with their help, enslave, impoverish and destroy them and whoever and whatever these useful idiots love and are responsible for.

Useful idiots don’t get it. They don’t get it that they are being scammed, played, conned and used until it is too late. They don’t realize it until they find themselves standing in unemployment lines, bread lines, work camps and prisons. Thousands of elitist useful idiots don’t “get” how they have been scammed, played, conned and used until they find themselves being physically positioned to receive a bullet in the back of their heads. When a useful idiot’s usefulness ends, their puppet masters will eliminate most, if not all of them. Why? Because they have proven themselves to be too capable of disloyalty and too stupid to be trusted by the new regime. This is a fact that has been demonstrated wherever socialists and communists have taken over a country.

Democrats talk about “fighting” for wealth redistribution, higher taxes, more leeway to kill babies and the doling out by government of health care, etc. At the same time, they “fight” against freedom of speech, the right of citizens to keep and bear arms, the security of our borders, personal property rights, law and order and any expression of love for God and country, etc. But what are they really “fighting” for? They are fighting for the political, social, cultural transformation of America. They are fighting for the overthrow of our constitutional republic and the establishment of a socialist and communist form of government.

The goal of America’s socialists and communists and their sympathizers and supporters is to propagandize, recruit and engage as many useful idiots as they can to serve their purpose. Don’t be a useful idiot. Help others not to become one. Watch this Prager U video and share it with everybody you can.


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