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If you feel you can spare the entire 8 minutes or so it takes to watch all of this video, please do. At the least, please take less than 5 minutes to watch it starting at 3:49. There are things here that will be a good reminder especially to some preachers, and a new revelation, perhaps, to others.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008), 1970 winner of the Nobel prize in Literature, was one of the great intellectuals of modern times. For criticizing Joseph Stalin in a private letter, he was sentenced to spend eight years in a labor camp and then to internal exile. He knew something about how tyranny works and how the loss of liberty by a nation comes about. Solzhenitsyn said, “To destroy a people you must first sever them from their roots.”

Solzhenitsyn was speaking of the danger inherent when people lose touch with their own history. America is right now on the verge of overthrow by the same political system that sentenced Solzhenitsyn to years of slave labor. And this is coming about in large part because of a hijacked school system that deliberately and systematically has severed, and is severing generations of Americans from their roots. Multiplied millions of Americans now have no concept of the connection that exists between the knowledge of our history and our ability to recognize and understand truth. Consequently, Americans are being brought more and more into mental bondage by a political ideology that has our physical enslavement as its ultimate goal.

Preachers in particular need to be sure that they haven’t been severed from their own roots in terms of the biblically mandated role they are meant to play — the voice they are meant to have — in the affairs of our country. The historical facts regarding this have, like so much of the history taught in schools today, experienced an inversion of the truth that many careless pastors have bought into.

Many pastors and other preachers have bought into the lie that anything that could even remotely be considered “political” is off limits to their pulpits. This is a lie — a great big huge lie, with negative consequences wherever it is embraced. The buying into this lie explains the ignorance and irresponsibility of preachers today relative to their duty to be the chief communicators of truth in every area of our national life. It also explains the across-the-board shameful and dangerous condition of our society.

Please watch this video and share this post with as many preacher brethren especially, that you can.

“Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

— John 8:32

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