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American society is up to its nostrils in supportive evidence that we are now living in the most educationally, intellectually and spiritually dumbed-down period of our nation’s history. The following the Democratic Party has among American voters represents some of the greatest evidence. But, the multitude of Americans eager to vote Bernie Sanders into the oval office is perhaps the greatest indication of just how far down the tubes America has gone educationally, intellectually, morally and spiritually.

Thanks to the godless, leftist propaganda of the Democratic party and its mouthpiece-mainstream media, millions of Americans have bought, or are buying into, the idea that there is a significant difference between Democratic Socialism and straight-up Stalin, Mao, Castro style communism. This of course is a lie. The only difference between the straight-up communism that killed 100 million of its own civilian citizenry during the 20th century alone and the so-called Democratic Socialism being touted today in our country is that “Democratic Socialism” often serves as a gateway into the full-blown horrors of communist government. People need to know this.

David Kupelian, author and editor of World Net Daily is one of the most spiritually minded and intellectually sharp and insightful men I know. Here’s an excerpt from one of his most recent articles that sheds some bright light on the current confusion relative to the “Democratic Socialism and Communism aren’t the same thing” foolishness now being pumped into American minds:

“Since billionaire Michael Bloomberg imploded at this week’s Democratic presidential debate, the only candidate left with the votes and ground organization to conceivably win his party’s nomination is democratic socialist Bernie Sanders. Wait. “Democratic socialist”?

Friends, forget about “socialism” and “democratic socialism” (whatever that means). This sounds like straight-up communism. Remember, Marx and Engels used the terms socialism and communism interchangeably, and the Soviet Union, the mother lode of hard-core communism that extinguished tens of millions of innocent lives, called itself the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Why not the Union of Soviet Communist Republics? Because they’re ultimately the same thing, socialism being just a necessary first stage of communism.

Indeed, the truth is, what we cryptically call "the left" – code for a godless, revolutionary movement steeped in pathological anger and churning rebellion against America as a uniquely blessed Judeo-Christian, constitutional republic – is at war not just with the Trump administration, but with America herself.

This un-American and unholy revolutionary movement is ascendant in all of our major institutions: It has succeeded in wiping out the Boy Scouts, an extraordinarily important institution in the lives of boys and young men for over a century. Likewise our colleges and universities, as well as government schools across the land, are indoctrinating and corrupting our nation’s children as you read this. This movement has taken over our popular culture as well as virtually the entire news media, and of course the far-left Big Tech monopolies that currently control the internet.”

The “Democratic socialism isn’t really communism” line is a bunch of rancid, toxic baloney that is being gobbled up by millions of dumbed-down Americans now, in spite of the proof historically and currently available proof that this is an out and out lie—a great big, deadly lie!

(Will you “like” and “share” this? It might really help some people. And, it will take less time than it will take some Christians and oughta-be patriots to tweet out a picture of the cute expression they think they see on their parakeet’s face.)

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

—John 8:32

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