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One effect of the Covid-19 situation has been to bring to light a condition that is now wrecking havoc among millions of Americans. It is a rapidly spreading psychological virus for which there is no cure other than truth. It is best described as “Non-Think.”

Non-Think is a malady caused by a mind that is so spiritually and morally weakened that it renders a person unable and/or unwilling to operate within the context of such things as truth and facts. People who suffer from Non-Think are responsive to misinformation and disinformation, but find it difficult to response to reality, reason or logic. They are described in the Bible aas people who “shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables” (2 Tim. 4:4)

Non-Think is causing many Americans to act and allow themselves to be treated as though they are communists under Xi Jinping in China, Kim Jong-un in North Korea or Cubans under Miguel Diaz-Canel. But Americans are not part of a communist slave population. We are free Americans with a Constitution meant to be the supreme law of the land for everyone, including elected officials. We are free Americans with an elected government whose primary, fundamental job is to safeguard our liberties, not steal them away from us either one at a time or all at once as Democrat (and some pseudo Republican) office holders are attempting to do.

The words and actions of some Americans during the last two months would imply that they share a mental affinity with those living under communist rule. Non-thinkingly, Americans are giving up their freedom without protest, becoming snitches against their fellow Americans for rogue overreaching state and local governments. Non-thinkingly men and women in uniform who have taken an oath to uphold law, are breaking the law at the behest of law breaking government officials and arresting their fellow citizens who have broken no laws. Non-Think is a serious sickness; and its highly contagious.

Non-thinkingly, Americans have forgotten that our form of government is designed in part to the end that elected officials realize (1) that they are as subject as anyone else to the law, and (2) that their primary duty is to protect, not violate, the individual rights of citizens and (3) that they work for and are accountable to the citizens who put them into office and pay their salaries. “Non-Think,” is causing millions of Americans, contrary to all common sense, to allow themselves and their families to be bullied and bankrupted by lawless and godless men and women in public office.

It’s way past time for people who are in Non-Think trances to snap out of them if they can, before it’s too late. An epidemic of “Non-Think” will make physical, political and material recovery from the travesties of Covid-19 more difficult if not impossible, and contribute more than anything else to the downfall of our Constitutional Republic. Thomas Paine was right when he said: “When men yield up the privilege of thinking, the last shadow of liberty quits the horizon.”

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