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A great many Pastors and other Christians struggle with what their responsibility is, how involved they should be, etc. during these culturally and politically desperate times, the outcome of which will determine whether or not we remain a Constitutional Republic and a free people. Many years ago, I heard someone say something that helped settle this for me; maybe it will be helpful to some of my brethren:

“THE FIRST MOST IMPORTANT THING we have to do as Christians in America is to bring people to Christ. THE SECOND MOST IMPORTANT THING we have to do is to preserve the freedom we have to do the FIRST MOST IMPORTANT THING.”

I think this is true. I wrote this down in the front flyleaf of my Bible about forty years ago. I think understanding this would go a long way in helping preachers and other Christians have the proper perspective on what their legitimate role and responsibility is where things politically and culturally are concerned in our country right now.

Preachers during the Revolutionary War era understood that their duty towards the Great Commission was inseparably connected with their civic duty. Because they understood this, George Washington was able to say after the war that without the help of patriot preachers, the war would have been lost in the first year.

These are trying times, and ministers of the Gospel across our land need to understand and undertake the work of preserving our God-given freedom for the sake of the “furtherance of the Gospel.” (If you can, would you share this with others?)

"A nd ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

—John 8:32

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