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"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within."

— Marcus Tullius Cicero

The Marxist/BLM organization, supported by, and in league with, the Democratic Party used the unjustified and unfortunate killing of a man by a rogue cop as a pretext for initiating the overthrow of our country, which is taking place right now; demonstrated by (1) the violent Marxist rioting in our streets, (2) the aiding and abetting of all this by Marxist (Democrat) political office holders at every level of government and (3) the cover-up, disinformation and general Marxist propaganda being broadcast daily by the Marxist-friendly, BLM supportive mainstream media. Let me repeat: OUR COUNTRY, RIGHT NOW, and IS IN THE PROCESS OF BEING OVERTHROWN!

Let’s be clear, Black lives do not matter to the BLM, ANTIFA and otherMarxists who are supporting, driving and doing the physical dirty work of toppling our Republic. These people are domestic terrorists, presently engaged in full-fledge domestic terrorism. These are those who want to “burn it all down” and institute a communist state here in America. Neither black, white, yellow, red, brown, striped or polka dotted lives matter to these people. They are Marxists, and all that matters to them is overthrowing this country, no matter how much burning, beating and bloodshed it may take to get this done. Americans who don’t want these people to do what they want to do here – whether they are black, white, yellow, red, brown, striped or polka dotted – need to unite in whatever way they can, every where they can and as quickly as they can to resist and stop this domestic terrorism while it’s still possible. A good start would be to work to get every Democrat, wherever they hold office of any kind, out of office. The same goes for Republicans or Independents who act like Democrats.

The domestic/Marxist terrorists in our streets now hate and despise Christianity. They stand for the destruction of the traditional family, LGBTQ power, the elimination of private property and communist government, just to list a few things which are all spelled out on their official BLM website and at Every American should visit these sites and see what we are dealing with. See that BLM is joined at the head and hip with the Democratic Party. Every pastor should make copies of this material, put it in their church foyers and publicly plead with their congregations to get it and read it.

The anarchy in our streets and in government will continue only as long as the people who don’t want it to happen continue to let it happen. Our enemies want us to continue to be as docile as sheep in a slaughter pen. They want us to continue to wait for government to “get it right,” while at least half of government do not want to “get it right,” but instead want to “get it on” in terms of overthrowing what we have left of a Constitutional Republic. (Please, please, share this with as many people as you can).

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