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There’s no question that Covid-19 is a very real disease that needs to be contended with, but sadly this problem has been turned into a pretext for political purposes—political purposes that, if realized, will cause more human misery for a far longer time in America than any virus such as Covid-19 could ever cause. The current Fauci formula for dealing with Covid involves a possible national mask mandate and the possibility of wearing goggles as well. What next? Mandated bunny ears on everyone’s heads? Regardless of all common sense and expert medical advice to the contrary, If such a mandate were announced by the Fauci-Birx-CDC cartel tomorrow morning, a large percent of Americans would be running around before nightfall being “good citizens” and showing how much they “care for others” wearing a set of bunny ears atop their heads. Does any one see something dangerous in play here?

Masks, social distancing and lockdown mandating relative to Covid-19, may not be as much about controlling a virus as it is about controlling a people. At any rate a whole lot of inordinate and unreasonable fear and panic is being incited and a whole lot of Pavlov’s dog type response is being created in millions of Americans. “You must put this on.” “You can take it off now.” “Now put it back on.” “Now take it off.” “Tilt your head back so I can stick this up your nose.” “Stay in your house.” You can come out now.” “Roll up your sleeve so I can inject whatever this is into your arm.” “Now tell your children to roll up their sleeves.” “Okay.” “Okee-Dokee.” “Yes sir.” “Yesiree.” “Yes Ma’am.” “You bet.” “No problem.” “Will do.” “Alright, and thank you so much.” “Are my bunny ears on straight?” (Share this is you can. It might provoke a thought or two).

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