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Adolf Hitler famously said, “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” In his book, Mein Kampf, he wrote, "The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a great lie than to a small one." Unfortunately, as history has proven again and again, Hitler wasn’t lying when he said these things. An example is the current narrative accusing “white America” of a systemic racism that has always had, and continues to have Black America as its primary target. Problem is, this just simply isn’t true. It’s a big lie based upon some truth, but not, by a long shot, supportable in its proposition by history, common sense or present day reality. The “systemic racism” narrative that has been fed into the minds of young people for years and is now being inflated into gargantuan proportion by the likes of BLM and its supporters is a lie being used by BLM & CO. to foment its own brand of blatant, wildly vicious, dangerous and Marxist-motivated. racism.

George Orwell, author of Animal Farm and 1984 (two books that are most relevant to our times said, “The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.” Nevertheless, as unpopular as it might be, it’s time to tell some truth—a lot of truth — relative to the “systemic racism” narrative. Why? Because it’s a false narrative that isn’t just being floated around—it’s a false narrative that the American people are being “water-boarded” with 24/7. And if “water-boarded” long enough most people will lose their minds and/or do or say anything to get those who are water-boarding them to stop. The only possible antidote to a lie is truth; so, beginning with this article, we are going to confront different “systemic racism” positions with truth, and see what happens. Maybe some truth will stick.

Part of the systemic racism narrative of white discrimination against black Americans, (A narrative we believe is not subscribed to, or appreciated by, the vast majority of hard working, family conscious, patriotic black Americans) insists that there has been an ongoing effort by white Americans to discriminate against black Americans and “keep them down” in terms of self-expression or business success, etc., etc., etc. Let’s see . . .

Currently we have, relative to institutions of higher learning, at least at least 80 institutions like Howard, Morehouse and Tuskegee Universities that are designated “Historically Black Colleges and Universities,” that receive special taxpayer funding. There’s a "National Alliance of Black School Educators," a “Black Student Association,” a “Black Student Union”, and numerous Scholarships identified specifically as “African American Scholarships,” “Scholarships (listed as being specifically) for Black Students,” and of course there’s the “United Negro College Fund.” There’s a “Black Writers Collective,” a “Black Publishers & Writers Association,” a “Black Artists & Designer’s Guild” and even a ‘Black Rodeo Association.” There’s a “Miss Black USA” pageant and a “National Registry of Black Baby Names.”

We have the “Black Congressional Caucus,” in Washington D. C., the “African American Mayors Association,” a “National Black Police Officer Organization” with like-named chapters city and statewide. There a “National Black Chamber of Commerce,” the “National Association of Black Hotel Owners, Operators and Developers,” “National Society of Black Engineers,” the “African American Planning Commission”, “Black Women In Sisterhood For Action”, “Black Wall Street USA” and the “African American Speaker Bureau.”

There’s a “Black Entertainment Television” network, a “Black Reel Awards” ceremony, a “Foundation for the Augmentation of African-Americans in Film” and an “American Black Film Festival.” There are magazines like “Ebony,” “Jet,” Black Enterprise,” and “The Black EOE Journal.” According to Blacknews,com “there are currently about 200 different black newspapers in about 150 different cities across the United States; newspapers with names like “African American News & Issues” and “The Washington Afro American.” Then, there are similar online publications such as the “Daily Digest for Black Americans,” “Black Star News Online” and “Black Voices.” The strictly black online sites are innumerable.

There’s a “National Conference of Black Lawyers" and an “Association of Black Lawyers” in nearly every state. The “African American Health Professional Organization,” the “Association of Black Women Physicians” and “The National Black Nurses Association” are listed online as well as “The National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Club Inc.” In addition, there are religious denominations and innumerable churches that have officially designated, and advertise themselves, as “African” or “Black.” There are organizations such as “The National Black Catholic Clergy Caucus,” “The Coalition of African American Pastors,” etc., etc.

This is all fine. But try substituting the words “White” or “Caucasian” for “Black” or “African” anywhere above. What if their were networks, unions, guilds, associations, scholarships, conferences, councils, caucuses and churches today designated as the “White” or “Caucasian” this or that? I doubt if anyone would say, "This is all fine."It isn’t hard to imagine the indignation, chagrin, offense, outrage and outcry that would immediately be heard from those who feel that because of the particular color of their skin they have a monopoly on being the victims of racism. If any business, organization or event, etc. incorporated the word “white” or “Caucasian” into its name, charges of discrimination, prejudice, bigotry, insensitivity, etc. would be leveled immediately and everyone associated with such a business, organization or event, etc. would most likely be denounced, vilified and accused of racism. Boycotts would ensue, public apologies would be demanded, etc., etc.

Only a tiny, minute sampling of the countless entities in the United States of America that identify and advertise themselves as being “Black” or African-American, etc. have been referenced above; just a smidgin of what could be cited. And again, this is all fine. But the gross double standard, hypocrisy, unfairness, disparity, discrimination, bigotry, bias and racism suggested in all this is apparent. And, it's almost totally ignored by most of those who claim, or identify with those who claim, to be victims of white racism.

The bogus nature of the BLM-type systemic white racism narrative is ignored by those in one of two groups of Americans. First, it's ignored by those who benefit directly in one way or another from it and justify it in their own minds. Secondly, it's ignored by those subjected to it; those who aren't self-haters and self-loathers and who don’t like being stereotyped, slandered and discriminated against because of the paleness of their skin. These can't ignore the racism they’re subjected to, but choose to ignore it in hopes of payng penance to, and perhaps avoiding mental waterboarding by, those now spinning the false “Systemic Racism in America” narrative.

So, there you are. I know some reading this might find it insensitive and awkward to draw attention to the simple facts that have been referenced so far. There are those who by way of projection might be tempted to call this bigoted, biased, contentious, divisive or even racist. But it isn’t. It’s just a plain statement of truth that I hope will help people of whatever color to think with a little more clarity and become less vulnerable to some of the big lies being served up and swallowed wholesale. Nobody needs to think of themselves as victims or victimizers, as hopelessly racists or people doomed to take part in a never-ending guilt trip. (Please share and subscribe if you can).

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