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Will non -voting Christians plunge America into a socialist/communist nightmare next month? This isn’t a fear tactic – it’s a stone cold fact: If Democrats take control of our government this November, America will cease to be a Constitutional Republic, and become a socialist, soon to be communist and totalitarian state. Free enterprise, freedom to own personal property, freedom of speech, freedom to assemble – all of our basic freedoms will be ended. Democratic quarantines, business lockdowns, church closures and government mandates of one sort or another will become the order of the day for our national future. Chaotic breakdown of law and order in cities and neighborhoods will continue until the new Democratic/Marxist regime has used this as an excuse to confiscate everyone’s means of self-defense and resistance to tyranny, etc.; and when this happens it’s all over where individual freedom is concerned. (Please read online the "Party Platform Comparison 2020).

According to current statistics, 90 million Christians in America are eligible to vote, but as many as 40 million fail to vote in Presidential election cycles. And 15 million are not even registered to vote. Why? Because Christians have bought into the idea that Christians shouldn’t be involved in politics, their vote doesn’t count or they are just too lazy and indifferent to vote. Past generations of Christians knew better. Why? Because they weren’t as influenced by the world, as ignorant of history or as deprived of intelligent and spiritual leadership from pulpits as they have increasingly become deprived over the last 50 years or so. Christians need to turn out in record numbers to vote against a political party (the Democratic Party) that is diametrically opposed to everything that is Christian and that supports life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in America. Make sure your pastor is encouraging your congregation to vote between now and Election Day. Pastors need to be reminded to encourage their congregations to get out and vote this Election Day.

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