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Election fraud, on the greatest scale ever committed, is the present reality in America. The presidency is being high jacked against the will of American voters. And this should come as no surprise. Last month on October 29th Nancy Pelosi said through her mask at a press conference, “"I feel very confident that Joe Biden will be elected president on Tuesday.” Whatever the end count is on the election that occurs on Tuesday, he will be elected. On January 20 he will be inaugurated president of the United States."Hillary Clinton, also said on television that, “Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances.” Pelosi also said that the military needed to be prepared soon to remove the President from the White house by force. Scores of other Democrat politicians and media pundits, etc. have been saying the same things. This is how communists have always talked who have been staging a coup to illegally, forcefully take over a country.

This is why neither Biden nor Harris did hardly anything by way of campaigning. They didn’t think it necessary. This is why the news media was fine with whatever they did or didn’t do. This explains why they were so smug and bold in news interviews explaining how they intend to raise taxes, disarm the public and invite new floods of illegal immigrants into the country, etc. They weren’t concerned at all about the outcome of the election. They’ve believed and believe that they have it “tied up” and “in the bag.”

They used the Covid-19 pandemic to radically change voting procedures. They had software ready and in place to corrupt ballot counts, and people trained and ready to throw out legitimate votes for President Trump in key states and dump in hundreds of thousands of phony votes for Biden-Harris. They also had measures ready, and enacted at polling places across the country, to illegally and with thug tactics, keep authorized poll watchers from observing ballot counting. This isn’t conjecture or conspiracy; it’s a fact. And, in the future, it’ll all be published and documented as fact in history books around the world.

The attitude and matter-of-fact talk by Democrat Party high rollers and their media propagandists, etc. as to what they’re going to do with our government and country has been shockingly plain. They’ve done everything except provide a daily PowerPoint presentation on national TV and send a mailer to every box holder in America to let us all know that they intend to remove President Trump from the White House and install Joe Biden in it—whether anyone likes it or not.

President Trump is the only obstacle, humanly speaking, to the takedown of our country that is now being attempted (and at this rate, could happen very quickly). People who want to remain free, need to do everything they can by way of financial and other support to help President and those helping him, to expose the criminality that has taken place, defeat the efforts of those involved and bring these treasonous people to justice. Christians need to make sure they are on praying ground spiritually, and be praying for God’s mercy on our nation.


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