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Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658) when Lord Protector of England told a man painting his portrait, “Paint me warts and all.” He was far from a handsome man, and the painter was making a conscious effort to flatter him. The Marxist/Woke element now in almost total control of all of America’s institutions have a different idea as to how they want to portray America to this generation and to future ones throughout the world. They want to portray nothing but America’s “warts;” every historical “wart” they can find and every one they can fabricate or “pencil in” — the bigger and the uglier they can ‘paint” them, the better.

The Woke-leftist crowd wants to exaggerate, magnify and focus attention on nothing but the blemishes, stains, and imperfections real or only perceived in America’s history. The goal is to make Americans feel ashamed of their country and accept as fact that America is probably guilty of more crimes against humanity than any nation in history. This is all as unjust, rotten and wrong as the current Woke demand that white people acknowledge their guilt and feel shame for the crime of their being white. All this constitutes more of those lies that the Left believes, if exaggerated enough and repeated often enough will eventually be believed.

The Marxist/Woke/Leftist movers and shakers in America want to portray America as nothing more than one big, obscene and malignant wart that needs to be removed from the face of the earth. This is why our history books have been being destroyed or rewritten during recent decades, and why our historical monuments, plaques, etc. are being torn down, warehoused and eliminated. It’s why every vestige of a reminder of America’s Christian heritage is being cancelled out to the point of being outlawed. The Marxist/Woke/Left wants to paint an entirely false picture of America and make it the only picture that future generations of Americans will ever see.

Americans need to be pushing back against all this. They need to stand up vocally to local school boards that favor any Woke agenda. They need to get on school boards themselves. At the same time, and most important and urgent, they need to do everything they can to keep their own children out of the public/government education system whether on the elementary or college and university level where they are subjected to Leftist/Woke/LGBTQ indoctrination. In the meantime Americans need to get and hold onto any U. S. history books written before the 1960s; the older the better. These will be collector’s items if not totally censored items soon.

The fact is, that America’s national historical portrait does have some ugly warts on it here and there. This is to be expected because sinful and therefore terribly fallible people make up the human race. But, and it needs to be remembered and insisted upon, compared to every other nation that has ever existed, “America the Beautiful” is still the most fitting and deserved description of our country that has ever been made. (An interesting fact: Studies have shown that even the subject of the Mona Lisa, considered one of the most exquisitely beautiful and valuable portraits ever painted, depicts someone that studies have shown to have had a pallid complexion, thinning hair and possible neck goiter).

And, by the way, real, authentic, unrevised-as-yet, history will document that almost all of America’s “warts” have been put on her (and continue to be put on her) by the Democratic Party and the leftist element that has festered within our midst throughout our short history as a nation. (Read this to and discuss it with your children, and share it if you can).


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