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Mention was made online last week of a meeting in Nashville, Tennessee where Mrs. Biden would be promoting various policies of the new presidential administration. It included the announcement: “Country music superstar Brad Paisley will sing to show his support.” This is one of many examples of self-proclaimed “good ole’ boy” country “artists” who are outing themselves for what they really are. So-called country "icon" Willie Nelson is foremost among a host of other liberals in this category of people who have the adulation of of multitudes of truly patriotic, but uninformed Americans including many professed Christians. This ought to stop. What these "country artists" really are is a bunch of twangy sounding "con artists" . politically speaking. They're left-leaning liberals dressed in cowboy clothes, who are using their money and celebrity influence to support the left, the Democrat Party, the cancel culture and all the rest of the mob that is seeking to overthrow the grassroots country they want to identify with for career purposes.

There are plenty of true blue American country singers and musicians, and we appreciate their patriotism, but a great many of "country's superstars,” like Paisley and Wilie Nelson are on the wrong side of the fence, politically and morally and have gone wide open WOKE. They cash in on the persona of being “good ole’ boys,’ but they’re really “bad ole’ boys” at worst and “stupid ole’ boys” at best, where America’s struggle to remain a free republic occupied by free people is concerned. Tune them out. (Like and share this if you can).


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