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The United States of America came into being as a result of the providence of God. People of devout Christian faith came to these shores desiring to worship and serve God freely, and laid the foundation for making this country a powerful citadel of biblical truth and a catalyst for the propagation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the entire earth. We were Providentially blessed by the geographical location of our land that fairly insulated us from foreign invasion and foreign influences. Equally, if not more importantly, we were blessed with great leadership that was used of God in winning our independence as a sovereign nation and in drafting a system of government that would make America the freest, most powerful, prosperous and rooted-in-Christianity country in the history of nations. We have what we have as Americans because of the providence, the purpose and the faithfulness of the people of the God revealed in the Holy Scriptures

None of the above constitutes an opinion. It constitutes a fact supported by 243 years of hard evidence; enough evidence, historical and otherwise to convince anyone other than perhaps a blithering idiot; or someone incapable of or unwilling to exercise any intellectual honesty. Question: With all this in mind, does it make any sense that God would entrust the oversight and operation of this country to people who “fear not God nor regard man” (Luke 18)? Answer: It makes no sense at all.

Christians shouldn’t, either because of their own ignorance or because of the intimidation of others, allow themselves to be disenfranchised of their God-given stewardship role where America is concerned. They have no right either to default in their responsibilities or to delegate them carelessly to nonbelievers. Preachers especially need to be informed and informing relative to all this and ready to recognize and resist whatever threatens this “talent” we have in terms of our country and the purposes God has for it.

"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

—John 8:32


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