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Nathan Prindler, a Canadian Christian, pointed out in a recent post that, "Nearly every pro-abortion argument mirrors pro-slavery arguments from the 19th century."  He wrote:


"This slave/baby is my property/body. You can't tell me what to do with it."


"No one is forcing you to have slaves/abortions, mind your own business."


"My property/body rights come before the rights of a slave/fetus."


"Slavery/abortion has been around for thousands of years it's never going away. We might as well have a safe and legal system in place for it."


"Slaves/fetuses aren't really people, they aren't like us, they're physically different therefore we can own/kill them."


"If slavery/abortion ends most of these slaves/babies wind up on the street without a job."


"Slavery/abortion is in the best interest of the Africans/babies. The world can be a cruel place, so it's actually best for them to enslave/abort them."


"Slavery/abortion was vindicated by the Supreme Court. It's already been decided. It's settled law."


It is noteworthy that the same political party (Democratic Party) that was willing to bring the Civil War to America in order to keep their slaves is fighting now to continue the slaughter of babies, before and even after their birth. This is the same party that supported, and had prominent politicians serving in the highest echelons of the Ki Klux Klan even in the 20th century; the same party that opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This same party that once dehumanized slaves as “sub-human” and as “personal property” now euphemistically dehumanizes human infants by referring to them as “fetuses” and “clumps of cells.” These people who refuse that it is actually a living baby that is killed by abortion are the true and most gross “science deniers.”


It needs to be understood that the same spiritual and mental rottenness that would justify and fight to perpetuate human slavery will justify and fight to perpetuate human slaughter whether it is accomplished in a war (approximately 620,000 civil war deaths) or in a woman’s womb. It’s the same putrid thinking that gaslights, projects its own wickedness of thought and deed on others, and rewrites history; that supports a cancels culture and corrupt government; that will silence, imprison and destroy any perceived opposition in every way it can. It’s the demented thinking that demands that the completely guiltless admit and atone for the guilt of white privilege, racism, sexism, etc., and creates a culture of victimhood to justify the pseudo victims’ physical, financial and emotional victimization of others.


The same sickness of soul that will justify abortion with the same arguments once used to justify slavery will hate and encourage hatred of ones own country, scrap its own constitution, pull down its own monuments, fictionalize its own history and open its own borders to an indiscriminate, unending flow of millions of people, many of whom are dedicated to the disruption of our society and the ultimate destruction of our Constitutional Republic.


The twisted-by-sin mentality that came up with the justifications for slavery mentioned above was put into overdrive by the  legalization of abortion in 1973, and has brought us to the infinitely looping woke horror movie/freak show now playing in America and has launched a pandemic of idiocy; a pandemic wherein people are demanded to believe that everything from gender to what constitutes the total of 2 + 2 varies with the imagination, that men can give birth, that people shouldn’t be judged on the basis of ability and merit but on  the basis of their skin color, that purity is perverse and perversity is pure, and whatever other lunacy du jour  they may think up.   


The mindset behind arguments once used to keep people enslaved and now being used to keep killing babies is a distinctly dirty, demented, sociopathic, psychotic, homicidal and suicidal mindset.  It is a mindset that has infiltrated and now largely dominates everything from local school boards to the United States Supreme Court. This needs to be clearly recognized, acknowledged and resisted.


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