This man doesn't necessarily like President Trump, but he does understand that the upcoming election will decide whether or not America is overthrown by its communist domestic enemies this year. And that is precisely what will happen following November 3rd. if the Democrats control the Oval Office.

I wonder how many pastors are prepared for a communist America, and are concerned enough to urge their congregations to get out and vote. I wonder how many Christians and other Americans are prepared to adjust themselves to standing in long lines on a regular basis hopefully waiting to get some gasoline, some food staples some toilet paper, etc. Immediately after Obama became President he scolded Americans for having their thermostats set at 70 degrees or more in the winter and tried to regulate the flushing of toilets. This is the way these people think and this is what they want to do with power when they get it.

Within a year the shortages and lines will be common place if the Democrats take over in November. The national suicide rate will go through the roof as Americans suffer the culture shock of losing their freedom and coming under the micromanaging thumbs of Marxist/Democrat thug commissars who will turn their sons and daughters in the military and in law enforcement into their enforcers. Within two to three years Americans, rooting through dumpsters and garbage cans Venezuela-style to supplement their food supplies, will become a common sight. BLM and ANTIFA types and every other mean societal misfit will be recruited to go into suburban and rural America as shock troops to bully, dispossess, demoralize and otherwise terrorize everyone into a state of cowering submission to their new masters. The question is not "if" this will happen. The only thing questionable is how quickly and how thoroughly all this will become the "new normal" (sound familiar) for Americans.

None of the above is a phony-baloney, conspiracy-theory, scare tactic-type rant. All of it is a stone cold fact. This is what socialist, Marxist, communist ideologues always do. Its the kind of misery they have historically, demonstrably, inevitably produced. And it's what they are currently producing wherever they are in power anywhere in the world. It's what they do. It's what they want to do. It all that that their sin-muddled, abortion-loving, perversion-promoting minds will allow them to do. It's what they are going to do here in America if they win (or steal) the Oval Office. It's vital that President Trump remain President, and the Democratic Party must be crushed everywhere else possible at the polls. Vote! Vote! Vote! (Please share this if you can).

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