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Edward R. Murrow wrote, “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.” Murrow was quoting Bertrand de Jouvenel who wrote, “A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves.” Whatever words are used or however the words are arranged to express it, the truth and the warning in this is the same.

Four things are responsible for the mass-morphing of many if not most Americans into a population of duncified sheep. One is the government’s control of our public school system enabling the indoctrination of three generations with atheism, socialism and anti-Americanism. A second thing is an ongoing campaign of intimidation, fear, racial divisiveness and identity politics recently ramped-up by “pandemic”-provided opportunities. A third powerful part of the mass-morphing process we are witnessing the 24/7 airing of propaganda by the joined-at-the hip-and-lip-with-government mass media. All this has been aided and abetted of course by adults turned into children, distracted by and obsessed with sports and entertainment.

Many of the sheep are becoming more and more mindless and mean and without a trace of moral consciousness. They are becoming more and more intolerant with and hostile towards those who are not in lockstep/goosestep with them in anti-Christian, anti-American and anti-liberty biases.

The Fourth and most foremost thing that has brought us to where we are in America is that God has generally-speaking been forgotten, Christianity has been woke-i-fied, homogenized by the world, de-salted and its testimony dimmed to the point of near invisibility (Matt. 5:13-16). Nothing will change for the better in America until this changes.


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