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Has President Donald Trump divided the American people? The liberal media, entertainment industry and swamp populace of Washington D.C. have worked, and continue to work 24/7 to convince the public that he has indeed divided our country. Never mind that all the statistics, hard data and facts reveal conclusively that it was when Donald Trump’s predecessor occupied the Oval Office that divisiveness among the American people was stirred up and put on steroids. There’s only one president in our nation’s history that has earned and deserves the title of “The Great Divider,” and it isn’t Donald trump.

Divisiveness was stirred up and put on steroids by, and to serve the purposes of, people in places of power with a specific agenda to “Fundamentally Transform” America.” They knew that their success depended in large part on the creation of cultural chaos including the division of Americans along ideological, political, racial, ethnic, gender and class lines. Over the last five or six decades the dividers have been methodically agitating and instigating. They have magnified every regrettable stain on our national history, worked to worsen every weakness in our society and seized every situation they could to divide American brothers and sisters against American brothers and sisters. In the meantime they’ve kept the average American clueless as to who they really are and what they’re all about.

But the presidency of Donald Trump has drawn these dividers, in their outrage, out into the open.

The fact is, that Donald Trump hasn’t caused division in our country. What he has done is cause the real causers of the division in this country to expose themselves, and he has been instrumental in bringing to light the stark differences between the two “camps” that now exist. One camp is made up of Americans who believe in national sovereignty, patriotism, personal liberty, the sanctity of life, capitalism, the Constitution and the place that God should have in our national life. The other camp believes in and/or supports those who believe in the erasure of our borders, the extermination of babies, big all-powerful government, the redistribution of wealth and the removal of God from our national life. Donald Trump’s policies and devotion to America’s interests have flushed this latter camp, in their frustration and anger out into the light where their true character and the threat they represent can be clearly recognized..

One of our presidents was called the “Teflon President” because it was said that nothing would stick to him. Donald Trump could be called the “Luminol President.” A chemical agent called luminol is used by police forensic experts at crime scenes to reveal blood stains that murderers have tried to scrub away, bleach out, paint over or otherwise obscure. When luminol is applied to such areas it produces a blue glow indicating the existence of blood. The luminol isn’t the blood; the luminol just reveals any blood that is present at a crime scene. Donald Trump is the “luminol” that has brought to light what has been done to America in terms of the divisiveness of our people.

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

—John 8:32

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