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A number of pastors are seriously underpaid, and consequently, great numbers of churches are seriously under-blessed; under-blessed because of a failure to follow plain biblical principles involved in taking care of their pastors. This situation simply must change if individual Christians and local churches are to have the windows of heaven opened for them, and the fullness of God’s blessing available to them.

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Many pastors are using this very practical tool to explain two things to new and prospective church members: (1) what they have a right to expect of the church as church members, and (2) what the church has a right o expect of them as members.


The definition of a New Testament church, its doctrine and discipline and the duties incumbent on its members are put in focus in this small book. This “tool” was designed to establish up-front clarity, and eliminate after-the-fact confusion, professed or real, as to what is involved with membership in a New Testament Baptist Church. Helpful fill-in-the-blank sections are included.

The Material presented in A Brotherhood of Servants will help churches have better deacons and appreciate them more. Servanthood is what this book is all about, and this alone, recommends it for general readership by any church.

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Should communion be open, close or closed in terms of its observance? Should participation in the Lord’s Supper be offered exclusively to the members of the church observing it? If not thus restricted, should it be semi-restricted or unrestricted? Does it make a difference, and if so, why?


This book addresses the significance of the Lord’s Supper in terms of the what, why, where, when, who and how of its observance. Anyone  concerned with sound doctrine will profit from this book. It is being used as a ‘tool” in many churches to help people better understand and appreciate this ordinance of what Jesus said “this do in remembrance of me” (Luke 22:19; 1 Cor. 11:23).


Preaching needs to be thought, talked and written about. The quotes and commentary in this book have been carefully selected and made available to this end. At the very least, many will find Speaking of Preaching to be an interesting and entertaining source of diversion. This is an excellent choice as a gift for those who would like to express their appreciation for, and be a blessing to, their pastor and/or other preachers of God’s Word.

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27 LIVE COALS contains an exhaustive and thoughtful exposition of several of Dr. Curtman's well sermon outlines.

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