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David Kupelian is an author and editor of World Net Daily. He is also a man of exceptional Christian  insight. The following excerpt froma rrecent article is well worth reading: 

"After all, with historic presidential and congressional elections just months away, why wouldn't House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the other Democrat leaders just let voters decide the fate of President Trump at the ballot box in November?Pelosi's excuse was that allowing Trump to remain president was dangerous — a threat to America's national security — because Trump was a traitor in league with Ukraine to "steal" the election in 2020 just like he did with the Russians in 2016.Of course, she has not a shred of proof for any of this. 

Meanwhile, Rep. Jerold Nadler, D.-...

“Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong. 14 Let all that you do be done with charity.” —1 Cor. 16:13, 14

What is “trending” in the world and in our increasingly godless American society tends to trend eventually to some degree among Christians and in churches as well. This is certainly becoming more and more obvious where the redefining of manhood and the demasculinization of men is concerned. The video shared here provides, in less than five minutes, a wealth of truth and plenty of springboards for thought as to What it Means to be a Man. It should be viewed and widely shared. What is presented here is consistent with what God’s Word teaches including what is found in the biblical text...

Has President Donald Trump divided the American people? The liberal media, entertainment industry and swamp populace of Washington D.C. have worked, and continue to work 24/7 to convince the public that he has indeed divided our country. Never mind that all the statistics, hard data and facts reveal conclusively that it was when Donald Trump’s predecessor occupied the Oval Office that divisiveness among the American people was stirred up and put on steroids. There’s only one president in our nation’s history that has earned and deserves the title of “The Great Divider,” and it isn’t Donald trump.

Divisiveness was stirred up and put on steroids by, and to serve the purposes of, people in places of power with a specific agenda to “Fundamentally Transfor...

Over the last several decades international scandal has developed regarding sexual abuse and other sins that have taken place and routinely been swept under the rug within the Roman Catholic Church. The moral and monetary sins of certain televangelists and other celebrity preachers have also been “swept under the rug” by those in control of these ministries. Sadly, this sort of thing isn’t confined to these examples; it happens within the context of local New Testament churches as well. 

Understand that we are not addressing something in this article that is the “rule,” or that by any means is “rampant” where churches and church leadership are concerned. We’re addressing something here that is the exception to the rule, and a rela...

Democrats, AKA Marxicrats, seem to stay busy pooling their ignorance and trying to peddle and push it off on everybody they can. In a recent post I noted that these people and their policies present a perfect picture of what was once commonly referred to as “Ignorance gone to seed.” “Ignorance gone to seed” is found commonly among politicians today, and that’s tragic. But it is indescribably tragic when it is manifested by preachers.

Preachers should be especially careful that what they say is Scriptural and sound, and that it doesn’t fall into the category of “Ignorance gone to seed.” What they say on some subjects may be said with an air of authority and bluster, but it still may constitute nothing more than a crackpot opinion that’s been generated...

Apparently the Democratic Party leadership and its philosophical adherents in government, mainstream media, Hollywood and the voting public are positing themselves as the new “moral compass” for America. That’s right, the people who favor and want to force down the throats of everyone else their agenda for the killing of babies and every kind of aberrant moral behavior imaginable insist on lecturing all of us as to what’s moral and what represents American values, etc. Like Bill Clinton, they like to tell us over and over again, what is “wrong” and what isn’t. And like Barack Obama they like to lecture us on “Who we are as Americans.” The idea of these people representing any kind of moral compass for America is as sick, twisted and dangerous a propo...

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