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You want to remember that there is a right and a wrong side to almost everything. A good person tries to figure out which is which, and try to be on the right side as often as possible. This means doing some homework: distilling all the input and insight you can get relative to a question or issue into what can help you come to a conclusion that will enable you to make rational and right (rather than rash) decisions and to take whatever action needs to be taken.


People who don’t take time to think are people who don’t look before they leap; who get their mouths in gear before they’ve gotten their minds in gear, and who consequently put a lot of unnecessary hurt on other people and on themselves. You don’t want to be in this category of people. Stay out of it if you aren’t already in it, and get out of it if you are already in it. Read Prov. 23:7; 18:13, 14, 21.


Always try to keep your thoughts positive (Phil. 4:8). Mahatma Ghandi wasn’t an especially good man, but he said an exceptionally good thing when he said: “Keep my behaviors positive, because my behaviors become habits. Keep my habits positive, because my habits become my values. Keep my values positive, because they become my destiny.” My Adaptation of this would commence with these words: “Keep my thoughts positive, because my thoughts become behaviors … “


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