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A Brazilian soccer star, Neymar da Silvas Santos's exited a plane in Saudi Arabia wearing a cross pendant. Muslim clerics worldwide perceived it as a potentially offensive and disrespectful gesture toward the birthplace of Islam, others have threatened the athlete with death. Harsh condemnation and violent reaction like this by strict Islamists is common.

What developed in this case was uncommon, but desperately needed: Social media erupted with criticism of Neymar da Silvas Santos Jr.’s critics. One, with 50,000 followers wrote: “Will Muslims be prohibited from entering Western countries while wearing attire with religious connotations? Do Western countries prohibit the construction of mosques?” Answer: No they won’t and have never been. Another wrote: "They've taken everything from the West: health, education, books, libraries, medicines, vaccines, electrical devices, mobiles, the internet, satellites, household furniture, airplanes, even insulin and surgical sutures made from pigs. Yet they are angered by Neymar's cross.”

Non-Muslims in America and in the rest of the Western world have put up with this bigotry and bullying, and have kowtowed to this craziness long enough. The same can be said of the woke movement that demands teaching and lifestyles that we know are false, and ugly and destructive. It's high time to say "No" and "Stop it" to this bullying and bigotry by the most ignorant, immoral and vicious element of our society; a teensy tiny segment of our society, artificially made out to be far larger than it is by the the woke propagandist mainstream media.

It's time to loudly and clearly tell our would-be thought and behavior masters wherever they are—in the work place, the schools house, the white house, the state house and in your house—that “Enough is enough!” There's still time to speak up for ourselves, for one another and for those who can't speak up for themselves (Prov. 31:8), and put a stop to this totalitarian killer madness.


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