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“Economic boycotts are very, very effective.” So say the people most knowledgeable and involved with marketing. Last year, ice cream giant, Ben and Jerry’s almost immediately lost two billion dollars in revenue over one of their typical woke, anti-American tweets that said, “The United States was founded on stolen indigenous land. This Fourth of July, let’s commit to restoring it.”  Target stores lost one billion retail dollars in one week followed by a 9 billion dollar drop in its stock after it rolled out its LGBT-promoting “Gay Pride Collection” of children’s clothing with designs featuring slogans such as, “Satan respects pronouns.” Question: "Why do Christians continue to shop at stores like Target?"

The Disney Channel, in one week, lost 2.4 million subscribers and its stock price plummeted 50% because of its blatantly un-American woke cartoons and movies aimed at children. Starbucks lost tens of millions of dollars and had to close 61 of its stores in 2022 because of its promotion of LGBTQ activism through everything from TV commercials to in-store slogans and designs. The Anheuser Busch company's transgender-promoting beer commercials cost them 27 billion dollar in sales in one year. Question: "Why do Christians continue to patronize Disney and slurp Starbuck's coffee?" (Maybe for the same reason many professed Christians keep guzzling Busch beer).


Despite expressed public disapproval, Major league sports has, since the beginning of the Covid pandemic and the simultaneous eruption of woke terrorism in our country, also made it clear that it supports the pro-woke, anti-American and antichristian message that is part of the social engineering agenda now uprooting our foundations and threatening our existence. Colleges and universities, in spite of decreased enrollment and finances remain committed to being orientation centers for the Marxist agenda for the overthrow of America. Question: "Why do Christians keep buying tickets and paying tuitions to these people who are hostile to Christianity and have no love for our country?"

Here''s another question: Why do these entities keep up their in-our-faces anti-Christian, anti-American positions in spite of public outcry and loss of money? Answer: "Because THEY HAVEN’T LOST ENOUGH MONEY YET. When they do, they'll stop. When their bottom lines begin to bottom out, they'll stop! No question about it! This is a historically proven, observable, fact. It will happen as surely as night follows day. But these people won't lose enough money to make them stop until multiplied millions of Christians close ranks with sensible and patriotic Americans who are already boycotting them.


Our founding fathers and their generation understood  that “Economic boycotts are very, very effective.” Colonial America’s boycott of British goods was as responsible for our becoming a free, self-governing people as was their armed resistance to tyranny. Most people in British government at the time were highly invested financially in American consumerism, and the boycotts forced them to reconsider and call a halt to Britain's tyrannical attempt to subjugate Americans. Likewise, when Wall street, Hollywood, Disney World and the “Wide World of Sports,” etc. LOSE ENOUGH MONEY, they will back off, and the pro-woke, anti-American, anti-Christian movement that is in high gear now, will be quickly turned around, flattened out and ended.


Tens of millions of Christians, individually, need to realize that it is a disgrace and the essence of irrationality for them to continue contribute to the financial war chest of those who are the enemies of our Christ, our children, our Constitution and our country. A window of opportunity still exists for Christians and other patriotic Americans to do whatever we can do, in every way we can, while we can, to weaponize our power as consumers. Explain to your family and others (including, if possible those you're boycotting) why you're doing it.


God expects us to do what we have the power do while asking Him and trusting Him to do what He alone has the power to do. Economic boycotts were “very, very effective" in freeing America from tyranny 250 years ago and will be “very, very effective” in keeping us free from tyranny today. (Please consider sharing this).




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