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Why should any pastor reading this page or subscribed to my website be interested in or bother with any posts dealing with what might deal with the political aspects of the coronavirus situation we are all currently experiencing? I’m going to address this question directly over the new few weeks. Suffice it to say right now that pastors, of all people in America, have a vested interest in, and responsibility for, our retaining our freedoms — freedom of speech (Matt. 28:19, 20), freedom of assembly (Heb. 10:25), etc., etc.

Who do you think should take leadership in terms of the stewardship and safeguarding of this free country that most of us believe God in His providence gave us for the purposes of propagating the Gospel? Can we, should we, expect politicians to do it? Should we just leave it all up to them? Not hardly.

President Theodore Roosevelt famously called the presidential office a “bully pulpit” for the propagation of his policies. In a very real sense, God has given us this free country to be our “bully pulpit” for the propagation of the Gospel of His Son here and throughout the world. No one humanly speaking has the responsibility for protecting this “pulpit” more than the preachers of America do.

In a great sense, God has given us a “talent” a “pound” (Matt. 25:14-25; Luke 19:11-26) in terms of the freedom we have in America to assemble in churches, worship and witness for Christ. We need to safeguard this freedom, improve upon it and use it to God's glory and the good of others. Preachers fall into two categories here: (1) those who watch over this freedom and make the most of it they can to further the Lord’s work, and (2) those who enjoy it and use it while they can, but don’t feel any responsibility beyond this for the stewardship of this freedom.

Sure, as preachers, we ought to be ready and willing to keep preaching regardless of the cost, even if our Republic falls and our liberties are lost. But is it right to passively, complacently watch our right to free speech and right to assemble and all our other supportive rights be taken away from ourselves and our congregations? I think the Scripture, our history and common sense all bear witness to the truth that it is not right. America’s God-called, Bible believing pastors and preachers need to informed and informing of any and all threats to our God-given freedoms, and they need to be at the the forefront of any effort necessary to protect and preserve them.

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

—John 8:32

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