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The history of the United States is being rapidly rewritten — part and parcel of the agenda of socialist/communists as they have created social chaos and overthrown governments throughout the last two centuries. George Orwell, author of 1984 and Animal Farm (Read these if you haven’t already) knew this and wrote, “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” Alexander Solzhenitsyn who also had personal experience with and a deep understanding of Marxist strategy, was issuing a warning to Americans when, during a speech at Harvard University in 1978 he said, “To destroy a people, you must sever their roots.”

We are witnessing, right now, in real time, what Orwell and Solzhenitsyn were talking about. A cae in point is the federally funded Marxist and Critical Race Theory-based, fiction-presented-as-fact, 1619 Project now being taught in public schools. This teaches as fact, the completely nonsensical proposition that America was really founded in 1619 and was built by slaves. Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels who said, "Tell a lie big enough and often enough and people will eventually believe it” would be smiling.

The primary focus of those now working to reeducate Americans, to “obliterate their own understanding of their history” and to “Sever their roots,” is to erase God from the American conscious. This includes and requires denial of the fact that Christianity and desire for religious freedom had anything at all to do with the beginning of, the building of, or the blessing that has been upon, our Republic. Fact is, that those aboard the Mayflower documented in writing their mission relative to coming to America as being “for glory of God and advancement of the Christian faith." This explains why, inspired by their conviction that “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge” (Prov.1:7) these Christians set about founding and establishing the first of the 106 of our first 108 colleges. Fisher Ames, one of the Founders was simply reiterating a matter of fact when he referred to the Bible as “the principle text in our schools.”

If Americans continue to accept for themselves and their children the replacement of truth via a mind-battering barrage of reeducation in lies, the outcome is predictable and inevitable: We will become what the West Indian Marxist, Frantz Fanon called, “The wretched of the earth who have been shorn of any ideological or cultural cohesion. They are cut off from their past. They live in crushing poverty, numbing alienation, hopelessness and often terror.”

It has been said that “facts are stubborn things.” But facts become less and less significant to people, and people become less stubborn to facts when their minds are being rotted out by sin. Their propensity then is to embrace any lie, no matter how godless, idiotic and in conflict with obvious fact it may be. See 2 Cor. 7:14. (Consider subscribing to www.thatwemayknow,com)


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