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This is a 13 minute clip of real American history; important history that you probably never heard mention of in school. It records how, in 1946, corrupt government officials in an American city, threw ballot watchers out of polling places and confiscated ballot boxes for the purpose of “adjusting” the election to suit themselves, and how they were forcefully stopped by WWII veterans who had just returned home from the war. The full movie can be watched on YouTube at . No one who watches it will regret doing so. (You might want to consider downloading or buying a copy, because it will very likely be removed from the Internet soon).

In 1946 these men confronted local corruption in order to preserve their rights as American citizens to control their local government via the ballot box. In 2021, we are confronted with the same kind of blatant election fraud, the same kind of political criminality, and the same kind of treason. But what we face is much more massive in scope, coast-to-coast in scale and consequential. The situation is much graver now, and the stakes are much higher.

In 2021, the vote being stolen involves the election of a President and widespread corruption that includes the federal level. The criminal corruption we're dealing with permeates the legislative and judicial branches of our government and is embedded in the executive branch where it has sought to disrupt and displace President Trump since the day he entered the White House. It is corruption that extends throughout a non-elected, gargantuan government bureaucracy that is an oligarchy, ruling and regulating by fiat, every aspect of our lives.

In 1946 the corrupt officials and their henchmen involved in voting fraud in Tennessee constituted a tiny minority of the population they were exploiting, and were stopped in their tracks when a significant number of the majority forcibly stood up to them after attempts to reason and negotiate failed. Throughout history, countries have been brought under tyranny by relatively small numbers of blustering and bullying people who encountered no serious opposition early enough from the majority of the citizenry. Historians cite a “3.5% Rule” as to how minorities have and can enforce their will on the vast majority of a country.

In 2021, we have less than 500 people in congress including all of the Democrats, Rhinos and a sizable number of good for nothing Republicans. The rest of our 3.5% to perhaps 5% would include (1) a handful of Benedict Arnolds in high places sprinkled throughout our military complex, (2) a limited number of high profile people that now monopolize mainstream and social media, (3) several hundreds of leftists who lead our institutions of higher learning and, (4) probably well under a thousand at most of Die-hard Antifa and BLM types along with a few million dunces, moral misfits and malicious thug-types who can be counted on to march and riot with them. These are those who are a law unto themselves and will not be reasoned with. This is the “head of the snake,” the fangs of which have to be pulled now, as quickly as possible.

Frederic Douglass, an escaped slave who became a leading spokesman for emancipation and held high office in Lincoln’s Republican administration, famously and insightfully said, “A man’s rights rest in three boxes: the ballot box, the jury box and the cartridge box." During this time of leftist revolutionary assault on America the “ballot box” has been taken from us. The “jury box,” representing our judiciary system from the lower federal courts up to the Supreme Court has proven itself, to a great degree, to be untrustworthy and useless as an arbiter of truth and a protection against the loss of our freedom. Perhaps now only one “box” is left to us, and probably that is why corrupt and criminal government is trying its best to take that away from us too.


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