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How important is it for Christians to vote, and how incumbent is it on Christians to vote in the upcoming November elections? Answer: It's critical, not only that Christians vote, but that pastors encourage their congregations to vote.

God allowed our forefathers to settle this land and He led in the framing of a system of government that would provide us with freedoms, unprecedented in the history of nations. Why? So that Americans would have the freedom and wealth, etc. to enable the evangelization of this continent and the entire world. Therefore Christians, above all others have responsibility for the stewardship of our nation. Up until the past fifty years this was generally understood. Sadly, many Christians are uninformed and misinformed about this today, largely due to the propagandizing work of the public school system, mainstream media and the entertainment industry. This is also due to the negligence of pastors who do little or nothing to guide their flocks in their biblically based, civic responsibilities. The Scripture, our history and simple common sense will prove the case that believers have a duty to be in the forefront in terms of our elections, voting, etc. in order to maintain our God-given liberties. If, in this upcoming election, Christians buy into the lie that they have no responsibility to vote, or allow laziness or anything else to keep them from the polls they will be aiding and abetting a resurgence of the liberal/left effort to "fundamentally transform" our nation into a godless, socialist totalitarian state. And if this is allowed to happen, another opportunity to recover, such as we were given in the 2018 election will probably never happen, and our liberty will be lost. Our Second President, John Adams warned: "But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever." Be sure and vote in the upcoming elections this November.

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