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President Trump made the following statement during a national address on January 8th: “Some have suggested a barrier is immoral. Then why do wealthy politicians build walls, fences, and gates around their homes? They don’t build walls because they hate the people on the outside, but because they love the people on the inside.”

The President's argument /explanation for building a border wall not only exemplifies common sense; it also speaks volumes as to where the President’s heart is. This is consistent with his stated determination to “Put America First.” And although this isn’t the way some of our most recent presidents have thought, it is the way every President of the United States ought to think.

What is true of Democrat Party leaders and other leftists among the elites in Hollywood and in the media regarding private gun ownership is also precisely true relative to our need of a having a strong barrier – a wall or whatever –to protect our southern border against illegal (i.e. criminal) immigration. Democrat Party leaders and leftists elites in Hollywood and in the media are not at all embarrassed by the fact that they want, and wouldn’t be without protective walls around their own homes, compounds, etc. to secure their persons, their peace and their property; but at the same time, they are obsessed with preventing the building of a border wall that would protect the general population of Americans in the same way and for the same reasons. There is something very sick about this. Again, it indicates a severe mental and moral disconnect at best, and at worst, sheer and deliberate wickedness.

There are leftists and liberals in high places of power and influence whose low-grade character and talents would never have permitted their rising to these positions in the past. Only in conditions as morally dumbed-down, degraded and debauched as America’s are now could people like this get to where they are. And, the elitist attitude and behavior of these people should be disturbing and frightening to every American.

Be reminded, and stay aware of the fact that the Congress of the United States and our Justice and Judicial system has never been controlled by politicians more socialistic, communistic, globalist and ideologically bent on the “fundamental transformation” of America into a slave state than is the case iright now. This explains in part, the otherwise unprecedented, incomprehensible hatred they have for the current President whom they view as a committed and formidable obstacle to their agenda for America. This isn’t “conspiratorial thinking,” it is fact – fact on display day and night compliments of the mainstream media.

Does everyone in America understand that the money (FIVE BILLION DOLLARS) President Trump wants Congress to authorize to build a wall on our southern border, which the Democrats are refusing, is just one tenth of one percent of our national budget? Does everyone realize that Congress has authorized 155 BILLION DOLLARS to be spent on illegal immigrants?

Nations have built walls throughout recorded history to protect their boundaries and territories. Under Barach Obama, a partial wall/barrier was built, and Democrats supported building more. What's their problem now? We know their problem. Their actions under Obama were nothing more than a temporary political ploy to gain votes. Now, their opposition is also completely political. They want to (1) oppose and obstruct the current President, (2) hopefully bring in millions of illegal immigrants who will be allowed to illegally vote for them, and (3) ultimately they want to stay in power so they can force their socialistic agenda on the nation. Again, the bugaboo, silencing mechanism of accusing their critics of "conspiratorial thinking" won't work here. The facts are too obvious to be seriously denied.

It makes no sense whatsoever for America not to have walls to protect its southern, or any other, border. Much of the opposition to building one appears to be based on deliberate ill intent. Some of it comes from people who are well-intentioned but ill-informed; people who are short term sympathetic and sentimental, but who will be long term sorry if America does not follow the wisdom practiced by countries throughout the history of nations and protect is borders as completely as possible.

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