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Pro-choice advocates (who deny any choices ever and for all time to the little human lives they want to kill) have been marching and screaming around Jefferson City carrying signs saying "Shame on you, Governor Parson." Why? Because the governor signed the heartbeat abortion ban legislation.

Excuse me. “Shame on who? Shame on the people who don't want to kill babies — or shame on those who do want to kill them? Really? Which one of these two groups of people do you think should be ashamed?

How upside-down, absurd, and perverted has thinking become in America? How Orwellian (i.e., “safe is dangerous and dangerous is safe,” “freedom is slavery and slavery is freedom,” etc., etc.) has discourse become in America? The “Shame on you” folks in Jefferson City and their fellow travellers personify those addressed in Isaiah 5:20: “Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil; that put darkness for light and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”

Some of the signs being hoisted aloft at the state capitol said, “Don’t Pretend that this bill is about Protecting Women’s Health.” Okay, we won’t. It's mostly about protecting the lives of babies. It’s about slowing down and hopefully some day stopping the American Holocaust of Abortion that began big time in 1973 with the passage of Roe vrs. Wade, and has produced the killing fields we know as the abortion industry.

Oh, and as for the abortionist crowd’s concern for “a woman’s reproductive rights,” a woman’s reproductive rights begin with the right (which she has in cases other than rape), to not engage in a physical act that she knows could result in her becoming pregnant. Women have a right to be responsible in this area, and they ought to exercise it. They ought to exercise this right for their own sakes, for the sake of society as a whole and especially for the sake of little lives who have a right to live and not be killed.

Instead of abortion clinics, it would probably be a good idea to have some clinics or centers available to provide women with some personal responsibility training relative to their "reproductive rights." This type training is obviously needed by many women and girls who live in fashionable, affluent suburbs, poverty stricken ghettos and everywhere in between. What a novel idea! Women and girls could learn how to think and act responsibly relative to their "reproductive rights." They could perhaps revisit and learn to appreciate the concepts of sexual morality and the value of every human life (no matter how young or little it is).

Just think of the literally millions of babies who've been slaughtered who'd be alive today if women could have only gotten the help they needed to learn how to approach their "reproductive rights" in a personally responsible way. Just think of the buyer's remorse that could have been avoided by those who sought the services of an abortionist doctor. Think of all the time and energy that wouldn't be put into marching and shouting and carrying "Shame on You" signs aimed at pro-life people if women could somehow begin to think and act responsibly in terms of their "reproductive rights." This used to constitute the normal, almost across-the-board mainstream thinking and behavior of women in America. Maybe this concept can make a comeback.

Any way! Maybe someone will start a "Me Too" movement promoting the exercise of personal responsibility by women where their "reproductive rights" are concerned. It might go viral. Wouldn't that be nice? For their tweets, etc. they could use the hashtag: "Time to Stop the Killing." Sound familiar? It's the slogan being used right now by teary-eyed animal rights advocates.

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