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Just a reminder of some of President Trumps’ achievements during his still uncompleted first term in office. This is necessary because of the relentless lying of the main stream (fake news) media and their cohorts in propagandizing — these being the leftist Hollywood, sports world, and late night talk show celebrities, etc.

  • 4 million new jobs created since the election

  • Record-setting stock market highs

  • 3.9 million Americans off food stamps

  • ISIS defeated

  • 22 deregulatory actions for every new one Obama created

  • Obamacare mandated tax penalty axed

  • Unemployment for women at a 65-year low!

Only an anti-American filled with anti-American biases and an anti-American political and social agenda wouldn’t applaud these achievements for the sake of the nation’s welfare and the common good, in spite of any personal ill feeling they may have towards President Trump. But the Democrat party does nothing but despise, deny, dismiss, denigrate, denounce and discredit absolutely everything our President does. And so do their fellow travelers in Hollywood, on late night TV, in the mainstream media, Antifa and Black Lives Matter type groups, university faculties and among the corporate heads of such companies as Nike, Target and Starbucks, etc., etc.

But why do they do it? Why are they this way? The obvious, apparent, demonstrated and declared answer: Because they hate and want to overthrow what America has been traditionally, politically, socially, morally and especially spiritually.

Some are the way they are out of ignorance based on wicked influences they’ve come under via television and public school indoctrination, and are right now merely what Lenin called “useful idiots” to those who want to use them. Others are the way they are because they truly, matter-of-factly hate and want to literally “fundamentally transform America” (Barach Obama). They really hate what America has been traditionally, politically, socially, morally and especially spiritually. And they really hate Donald Trump because he represents a clear and present danger to, and the biggest obstruction and threat to, their treasonous objectives. There are those who look for and recruit “useful idiots” to serve their purposes.

So, its time for Americans who love America and our heritage traditionally, politically, socially, morally and especially spiritually to recognize, applaud and support in every way possible the ambitions and achievements of people like President Trump and others who are trying to preserve our nation and its heritage. And its time for Americans to recognize, reject and denounce in every way possible those, whoever, whatever and wherever they are, who obviously hate America and want to overthrown its traditions, way of life and constitutional government.

Edmund Burke (1729-1727), author, orator, political theorist and philosopher and member of the British parliament once warned that “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” This warning needs to be heeded in America more today than ever before.

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