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"Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil; neither shalt thou speak in a cause to decline after many to wrest judgment

—Ex. 23:2

President James A. Garfield (1831-1881) wasn’t a perfect man, but he was an extraordinarily good man. Born into abject poverty in rural Ohio, his own work ethic and brilliance brought him almost unimaginable success during his short lifetime. He enlisted in the Union Army at the outset of the Civil War, was rapidly promoted to general, won a battle that was critical to the Union's success, and was elected to Congress. In spite of his being being at odds with Republican power brokers, in 1880 a deadlocked Republican Convention nominated him, against his will, as their candidate. In 1881 he became the 20th. President of the United States. He was assassinated by an insane rejected office seeker after he had been in office only four months.

James Garfield despised nearly everything about the Democratic Party. Not a man given to emotional or ill-tempted language, long before he became president, he described the Democratic Party of his day like this:

“Every Rebel guerilla and jayhawker, every man who ran to Canada

to avoid the draft, every bounty-jumper, every deserter, every cowardly sneak what ran from danger and disgraced his flag, . . . every villain, of whatever name or crime, who loves power more than justice, slavery

more than freedom, is a Democrat.”

Notice, that Garfield didn't say that every Democrat was a cowardly sneak, disgracer of the flag and villain who loved power more than justice and slavery more than freedom. What he did say was that every cowardly sneak, disgracer of the flag and villain who loved power more than justice and slavery more than freedom was a Democrat. There is a difference. He said that every one of the people he knew who fit this description was a Democrat. One can only wonder what Garfield would have had to say about the leadership of, and the rank and file adherents to, today's Democratic Party.

There’s a difference between Democrats who knowingly support the cowardly, sneaking, flag disgracing, power hungry, slavery promoting, baby killing, perversion-peddling, Republic-overthrowing political platform of the Democratic Party, and those who ignorantly align themselves with this party and its platform. There’s a difference between those who identify themselves as Democrats who “know not what they do,” and those who identify themselves with it while knowing exactly what they they are doing.

There are hundreds of thousands of people who know exactly what the political designation of “D” after someone’s name stands for. And, (as hard as it is to comprehend) there are probably many people who aren't aware of what the “D” used to distinguish themselves or others politically stands for; all they know about democrats is that all their own kinfolk were democrats, their union supports the democrats, etc., etc. What these people and others need to understand is that today's Democratic Party stands for almost everything that is anti-Christian and anti-American.

If people support politically and morally, etc. (the anti-Christian, anti-American Democratic party platform and policies) then they need to own all of it as their position. If they don't, then they need to stop identifying with what is represented by the "D" behind the names of people they vote for and otherwise support.

This post is intended to introduce a series of articles aimed at helping people understand what the “D” in Democrat stands for. These are not intended to be ill-tempered or invective in nature. They are simply intended to be informative. The information for these posts will be drawn from what Democrats have themselves adopted and published in the official platform of the Democratic Party and from public statements made by their leaders and spokespersons. There are numerous resources by which the factuality of these posts can be checked out, and readers are encouraged to to do so.

The fact is that there are people in the Republican Party who would fit President Garfield's description of every Democrat he knew in his day as, draft dodgers, cowards, sneaks, villains, lovers of power, etc. But, while some Republican politicians are similar to, if not the same politically and morally as Democrats, their platforms are in direct contrast to one another.

The platform and policies of the Democratic Party are radically anti-Christian and anti-American. The platform and policies of the Republican Party are the complete polar opposite of what Democrats believe in in terms of political agenda; that is, what each party promotes, supports and would like to have imposed by legislation on the American people.

People generally support and vote for those whom they identify with and who best represent the party platform that they like and subscribe to. If they believe in the platform and policies of the Democratic Party they will vote for those with a "D" after their name and be proud to have the "D" and all that it stands for associated with their own name. If they don't believe in or stand for what the Democrats stand for, they won't want to touch, with a twenty foot pole, anything or anyone that this "D" represents.

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"And Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free"

—John 8:2

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