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If enough people were able and willing to give an honest look and listen to the politicians and other political types in the Democratic Party they would have to admit that these people don’t have many ties to America—not to her Judeo-Christian roots, not to Constitutional government, the Bill of Rights, etc. not to government by the people and for the people; not to capitalism, to life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness and certainly not to the right to own personal property. The same thing can be said, and should be said, about their propagandists in newsrooms and classrooms. And the same thing can and ought to be said about those in Hollywood and in neighborhoods all across America who understand what the Democratic Party is all about. Upon investigation it would probably be found that they don’t have any real ties to America—not of the head or of the heart.

This needs to be understood by Christian people: There is nothing Christian about supporting the killing of babies or supporting and advancing moral perversion. There is nothing Christian about prohibiting the mention of God or the preaching of the Gospel while defending and promoting a religion that demands that people the world over renounce Christ on pain of death. All of this needs to be stood for and taught from the pulpits of churches all across our land. And it needs to be stood for and taught by Christians who sit in church pews week after week. This isn't a matter of being political, its a matter of being plain in our message of what a Christian by biblical definition is and what a Christian by biblical definition isn't.

By way of clarification: A Christian is someone who is Christlike in their thinking and actions. People are saved by virtue of their having repented of their sin and putting their faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior (Rom. 10:9-13), and this has nothing to do with their works, conduct, etc.(Eph. 2:8, 9). But whether or not people can be identified as being Christian, that is like Christ, has everything to do with how they think and what they do (See Phil. 2:5-8). All Christians are saved people, but (sadly) not all saved people are Christians.

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