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"Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my

people their transgression . . . "

—Isa. 58:1

It isn’t surprising that the enemies of our Republic, those relentlessly pursuing the “fundamental transformation of America,” that former President Obama promised, insist that Christian preachers have no business addressing anything that is (by their definition) of a political nature. They know how powerful the influence of the pulpit is when awakened and engaged against immorality and evil.

What is surprising is that preachers have bought into the unscriptural and traditionally un-American idea that they have no business preaching against sin if their preaching can be in any way interpreted as being political. This non-historically based, nonsensical and dangerous propaganda has been bought into by tens of thousands of preachers, and our nation has paid a price and will pay a higher and higher price because of this willful and inexcusable ignorance of the part of those who ought to know better.

Next to John Broadus’ classic book The Preparation and Delivery of Sermons, The Making of the Sermon, by T. Harwood Pattison has been the standard work looked to by preachers who want to know what preaching, from a biblical standpoint, is all about. Copyrighted in 1898, it is an exhaustive book, which deals with every aspect of preaching. Here’s what it says on page 139 under the chapter entitled “The Theme:”

"Without becoming a partisan, he is bound to insist, on every proper occasion

upon the national over, upon the duty of the citizen to vote, and upon the

influence of Christian chivalry on the heart of the community."

—T. Harwood Pattison

American preachers have always universally understood the duty of the Christian pulpit relative to the moral and spiritual stewardship of this country, as did other citizens. They understood it from colonial times up until the suppression of this truth began to be ruthlessly pursued by those determined to overthrow our Constitutional Republic, beginning with and depending on, the removal of every vestige of Christian influence in it. But fewer and fewer of America’s Bible believing, Bible preaching preachers seem to understand or care to understand this today.

Preachers need to understand and accept the plain teaching of Scripture relative to what their privilege and responsibility regarding the proclamation of truth to a nation is. And, they need to be able to exercise discernment enough to keep them within their boundaries. Proper knowledge and discernment in these areas will prevent them from becoming partisan(Definition of “partisan:” One exhibiting blind, prejudiced and unreasoning allegiance to a party, faction, cause or person. At the same time, proper understanding and discernment will prevent them from being patsies for the enemies of God and the Gospel. Definitions of “patsy:” A fool, a fall guy, one who is easily duped. A pushover, a pigeon, a sap, a sucker, a tool; one who is easily manipulated or victimized”).

"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

—John 8:32

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