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Reportedly, 70% of young people in America today profess a preference for a socialist government and society over a Constitutional Republic and the lifestyle a Constitutional Republic and a capitalistic, free enterprise system makes possible. These young geniuses apparently would have preferred that the likes of Marx and Engels, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky and their fellow atheistic and murderous ilk had framed our government rather than men like Madison, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin and the rest of our founders and framers.

It seems impossible that 70% of young Americans would want themselves and ourselves to live under socialism in spite of the historical fact that over 100 million people were murdered under socialist governments during the 20th century. These people didn’t die as military combatants or as causalities of war. These were civilian men, women and children, deliberately executed, starved and/or worked to death so that their socialist/communists masters could entrench themselves in power. But then, most of these youth wouldn’t know much about historical facts since not much history is taught in schools and universities anymore.

It seems impossible that 70% of young Americans would want themselves and ourselves to live under socialism here in spite of the current situation being played out in Venezuela. Before coming under socialist government Venezuela was perhaps the most prosperous and happy country in South America. After just a few years under socialism Venezuela’s economy has collapsed and Venezuelans everywhere are scrounging through garbage cans and dumps for food.

It defies all common sense that any young person here would have the opinion that socialism would be a good thing for America. But then, these young people don’t have much, if any, common sense to defy. And they don’t have any opinion of their own – the opinions they have are on loan from their teachers and professors, celebrities and leftist late night talk show hosts and fake new peddlers. If an original idea ever somehow found its way into any of these kiddies’ heads, it would find itself in solitary confinement.

So, we have a whole bunch of smart little simpletons running around the country – constituting 70% of our youth – who want themselves and ourselves to come under a full dose of socialistic government. That’s the equivalent of wanting yourself and everybody else to come under a full dose of anthrax or rabies.

"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

—John 8:32

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