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Last Thursday, the magazine, “Christianity Today” chimed in with the Democratic Party and other leftists who are calling for the unlawful impeachment of President Trump. Here’s part of a letter I sent to them:

"For 45 years I’ve watched “Christianity Today” steadily decline in its positions spiritually, theologically, culturally and politically. Your recent call for the removal of President Trump, which is thoroughly unwarranted and ignorant, represents full and honest disclosure of what you have become. Too bad that you never cried out as piously and boldly for the removal of immoral and dishonest President Clinton or Barach Obama, the most blatantly un-American and anti-Christian President in our history.

“Christianity Today?” I sure hope your magazine doesn’t represent the state of Christianity or Christian thinking today. If it does, we are in grave danger. I’m going to use whatever influence I can, to discourage people from having anything to do with your magazine. False views from a professed Christian periodical are at least as bad as fake news from the secular media. Again, shame on you for your left-leaning propaganda stunt."

It has been many decades since "Christianity Today," founded decades ago by Billy Graham, has been even remotely a conservative Christian publication. Now, it is exposing itself for what it really is.

"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free"

—John 8:32

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