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I’ve been following the news recently pertaining to Eric Greiten’s full exoneration of the charges brought against him that resulted in his resignation as governor. This whole thing has thrown a light on the dirty, swarming corruption in state government that is becoming more and more associated with the state of Missouri. These sentiments have nothing to do with excusing the wrongness of some of Mr. Grieten’s moral failures that he has admitted and expressed his sorrow and regret over. But these personal moral failures had and have nothing to do with the backroom dealings of grossly self-serving treacherous people, politicians and their handlers, who railroaded a duly elected man out of office by attacking and threatening to ruin his friends, family and other supporters until he capitulated to spare these people.

What happened to Eric Greitens is the same thing President Trump has faced for three years. What happened to Eric Greitens is also a frightening example of what corrupt people in power are capable of doing to advance their agenda. It is also a forewarning of how these same types of people will treat average citizens if they find it expedient to extort or ruin them. They have demonstrated in this case as well as in others how devious, coldhearted and ruthless they are willing to be in dealing with anyone whenever it serves their own interests. I’m glad at the prospects of some of these people involved in the Greiten’s case having to give an account and pay a price for the parts they’ve played in removing him from office. They are thugs.

Whether its on the local, state or national level, whether Democrats or Republicans are involved, corrupt, law breaking political office holders and the other swamp creatures they “roll” with need to be subjected to the same kind of justice that is meted out to the rest of us for crimes and other wrongdoing worthy of prosecution and punishment. Until this starts happening on a consistent basis, the vulnerability of average Americans to the cruel caprices of government on the local, state and national level is only going to accelerate.

The big fish all the way down to the bottom feeders in the Missouri and national political swamp need to experience some serious subjection to the rule of law before it is too late. People on either side of the aisle whether in Jefferson City or Washington D. C. who have committed crimes need to get the jail time and/or fines prescribed by law. If they have misused their positions in ways that it appears politicians misused their office in the Trump and Greiten examples, they need at least to be thrown out of office. The public needs to see this happening. Unless this happens, the swamp creatures in government will become more and more emboldened and the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of the rest of us will become more and more endangered until it no longer exists.

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