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The DNC Communications Director, Ms. Xochitl Hinojosa, attacked President Trump on national news this morning for something he said when asked why he thought Elizabeth Warren dropped out as a contender for her party’s nomination as candidate for President of the United States. Trump said, he didn’t think Warren was “likable enough and lacked talent.” Xochitl (expectant mothers may or may not want to include this name in their prospective baby name book) called the president’s remarks sexist. Actually, Trump has described men in the way same, with the same words, etc. So, really, the President treated Warren with perfect equality with men.

But, Ms. Hinojosa, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton and their ilk among female (excuse the sexist undertones in this use of the word, “female”) really don’t want equality with men – that is, when it comes to criticism. When it comes to being criticized for their political positions, qualifications, etc., they simply, want – no, they demand – a pass.

Democratic, liberal, leftist, progressive women seem to think that any and every situation involving a debate, an interview; anything that constitutes a possible challenge to them should be recognized and treated as a “safe place” for them. You know what a “safe space” is: a “safe place” is typically associated with snowflake, woke, college students, etc. and refers to a place designated for them where nothing they might deem insensitive, hurtful or in any way unacceptable to them can be seen or heard by them.

Democrats like Hinojosa, Warren, Clinton and their political and philosophical sisters are hypocrites. They want equality with men only so far as it serves their purposes, but not in any area that conflicts with or challenges anything they have to say or want to do.

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