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Polls indicate that at least 70% of young people on campuses support socialism. This is probably right. This video suggests the strong probability that the majority do so out of sheer ignorance. The good news is, that when people will take the time (hint to parents and pastors,

etc.) to calmly and intelligently discuss with them what socialism is, young men and women will almost always reject the concept of socialism.

The bad news is that this video also suggests that many young people on campuses (and elsewhere) embrace socialism for any combination of bad reasons. Some do it because it is their lemming-like, herd-following nature to do so as a consequence of an intellectually lethal combination of ignorance and pride. Others do it because they are too full or themselves and radicalized by their liberal professors to listen to any view that opposes their own.

In some cases, these self-avowed young socialists are simply just too mentally lazy, intellectually dense, or drug and video game impaired, to listen or make sense of anything. Tragically, some young, anti-capitalist socialists are what they are because, as is suggested by this video, they are either safe-zone seeking simpletons or are just mean-spirited, intolerant and vindictive socialist/Marxist ideologues.

The big takeaway here is that more young people are teachable and receptive to truth than perhaps many people think. Therefore it is worth the time of parents and pastors to inform themselves and help inform the young people in their families, churches and elsewhere. Whether we stand before an audience of young people or sit down one-on-one with them, we need to get proactive about this. Sharing social media that deals with this subject is also a good idea.

And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.

—John 8:32

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