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Let’s assume that you know some people who fit the following partial description:

1. They support, the killing of babies, either while they’re still in the womb, or

immediately after birth while they’re still breathing, stretching their little bodies,

kicking, making audible baby noises, etc.

2. They support the homosexual, transgender, pedophile lifestyle and agenda, and the

use of public schools and libraries to expose children to these behaviors and

encourage them to experiment with them —behaviors, that were, up until around 50 years ago considered deviant and criminal.

3. They have little or no respect, and/or support those who have little or no respect for traditional marriage, home and family.

4. They have no problem with people having their earned income forcibly taken away

from them by people who didn’t earn it who will distribute it to other people who didn’t earn it.

5. They believe it is the prerogative of the government to restrict, suspend or otherwise control the rights of people, to speak freely, assemble, defend themselves, own property or own and run a business as they see fit..

6. They believe that the concept of God and of the Bible should be taken out of the

public square and conscience; that the Moral Law of God known as the Ten

Commandments is insignificant and that religious faith and practice is “non-


7. They scorn and/or support those who scorn America’s heritage, Constitution, flag, or

borders, etc. and identify with a political manifesto that calls for the overthrow of our

Constitutional Republic.

Knowing how people like those described above think and are liable to act, please

answer the following questions by circling either “yes” or “no”

1. I would be happy for my spouse and I to form a close relationship with people like

this. I think it would be healthy for our marriage. Y or N

2. I would be happy to have people like this babysit my children. Y or N

3. I’m completely confident that these people wouldn’t steal from me if they thought

they could get away with it. Y or N

4. I’d be proud to have people like this as part of my family. Y or N

5. I’d be comfortable with having any of these people managing my health care or

making life support decisions for me. Y or N

6. I would trust people like this to make decisions that may determine whether or not my

sons or daughters are put in harm’s way in a war. Y or N

7. I would feel good knowing that people like this were influencing my children. Y or N

8. I’d be fine with having people with this kind of character micromanaging my life and

future. Y or N

“No” answers to any of the above, begs the question, “Why on earth then, would you do anything to help people like this get into any place of authority? “Yes” answers … well, they beg a question too.

Take this test, and then give it to any children you might have around the house. Then compare answers. Share this. It might help people have a clearer picture of who and what they identify with and how much they like what they see.

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

—John 8:32

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