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Are the protestors right or wrong to question the direction that been given from certain medical experts that has led to the loss or threat of loss of their jobs, businesses and personal freedoms? Are the protestors just wrong? Are they being irresponsible? Or, or they simply listening to more credible science and weighing it with plain old common sense? Would you appreciate information that would give you some perspective you could feel confident about?

Should a “second opinion” have been considered before the likes of Drs. Birx and Fauci were allowed to bring us to our present state of chaos and economic collapse with their now-debunked “data,” “models” and pontifications? Should we continue to stake our national future on the prognosis and postulations of people who have done more to exasperate and expand on a problem than to fix it?

It seems like almost the only sound, effective advice that’s come out of the mouths of our “experts” has been concerning our need to wash our hands and practice social distancing. Actually, we’ve been exercising personal responsibility along these lines during flu and cold seasons for a long time without government help.

Sometimes well-meaning doctors make those they are supposed to be caring for sicker than they were before they started caring for them. This happens where doctors are incompetent, careless or let their egos keep them in situations that are outside their field of expertise. They sometimes prescribe medicine for an isolated bodily ailment without any thought to how that medicine might negatively effect other parts of the body. America is now getting sick all over because of apparent misdiagnosis and malpractice connected with the coronavirus.

Our country has gone, in little more than a month, from having the strongest economy in our history to having one that is chronically sick; almost as sick as it was during the Great Depression. Mental wellness has been adversely affected with a dramatic increase in depression and suicide nationwide. A pandemic of poverty, despair and lawlessness, has been created simultaneously with the misinformation and misapplications connected with coronavirus. President Trump, in his first Covid-19 Task Force Briefing warned against all this when he said, “We can’t let the cure become worse than the disease.”

During his Coronavirus Briefing, when introducing the members of his task force and addressing the covid-19 problem, President Trump said something that most average Americans can relate to: he said, “I’m not a doctor, but I’ve got common sense.” I personally think the common sense actions of our President over the last few years have done more good than most of the experts in their fields of expertise have done over the last many decades. The exercise of his common sense has proven more effective than the expertise of the experts again and again during this coronavirus outbreak. Too bad he can’t use his common sense unhindered by the “smart people” who aren’t as smart as they think they are.

This isn’t to say that some the calls and demands for social-distancing and quarantine haven’t been warranted. And the overall immediate compliance by the public with recommendations and demands, as nonsensical as some of them have been, has been wonderful. But these recommendations and restrictions have become far too unlimited and unreasonable; degrading and humiliating. “Emergency measures” put in place by governors and mayors have become nothing short of dictatorial and tyrannical in more than a few starts and communities.

President Bill Clinton explained why he misused his office in ways immoral and otherwise that led to his impeachment. He said he did those things simply because he “could.” People are learning what people in power are willing to do to and with just because they can. Governors and mayors, etc. are acting like the bully on the school yard who pushes someone to see what they will do, and if they do nothing, he pushes them harder and farther; and if they still do nothing, he proceeds to knock them down. It remains to be seen how often and how far Americans are willing to be pushed.

The common sense of a great many Americans has begun to kick in. We have enough common sense to sort out good advice from bad advice when given an option between the two; enough common sense to know when temporary prohibitions on our freedom are necessary and when they become nothing more than arbitrary actions by public officials, doing whatever they want to do “because they can.” We know enough keep our hands and houses extra clean and to practice some social distancing when something contagious is going around. We know enough to recognize the behavior of bully boy and nanny-type governors and mayors for what it is and where it can lead. And we know enough to know when enough is enough.

Here are three short videos that I think puts all the above into clear perspective, and will help some decide those protest the “lock-down” on their communities and their country should be condemned or commended; whether they ought to stay at home or have our support.

Two videos feature two doctors with educations, professional credentials and practical experience that is equal, if not superior, to the present high profile pro-quarantine, pro-vaccination, stay-closed-down “experts.” These two men represent professionals across the country who disagree with the presently empaneled “experts” on covid-19. The third video constitutes an urgent warning from a former U. S. Senator.

Dr. David Katz

Dr. John Loannidis

Senator Jim DeMint

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