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Then THEY CAME . . .

First they told churches they couldn’t assemble for worship in their church buildings.

We gave them the benefit of the doubt and didn’t assemble in our buildings

THEN local governments told churches they couldn’t park on their church parking lots and participate in worship services broadcast over their PA system

We scratched our heads, grumbled, but didn’t wage any protest because they didn’t do this to our church

THEN local governments started pouring nails in Church parking lots and issuing fines and citations to people who showed up for drive-in worship.

We didn’t do anything because they weren’t doing it to our church.

THEN local governments told churches they could assemble in their buildings, but limited to attendance to 10 or less.

But they weren't demanding this of our church, so we waged no protest.

THEN local governments demanded that churches submit the personal information of church members so they could be placed under surveillance, tracked, etc.

But they weren’t doing this in our area so we didn’t stand up against this abuse of power.

THEN . . . ? ? ?

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