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Covid-19 obviously isn’t a hoax. It’s a real tragedy that has been blown way out of proportion and politicized and weaponized by ungodly men and women to serve their own ideological and political purposes. The “pandemic” is a reality, but it’s a reality that has been allowed or made to become morphed into something surreal in terms of the killing effect it has had on our country and our liberty.

If what is going on in our country right now, were a motion picture, it might well be entitled: “Coronavirus in America – How a Molehill Was Turned Into a Mountain and the Greatest Nation in the World Turned Into an Ash Heap." Genre-wise, it would be something between a tragedy and a horror story. The theme would be The Fall of the Republic, the End of Individual Freedom and the Implementation of the First Stages of Totalitarian Rule in America.” The producers would be (and are) leftist elitists, and the directors would be (and are) an assortment of politicians and medical and news media shills who know not God.

And what roles would churches and pastors play in the portrayal of national destruction that is being rolled out today? Well, as far as the producers, directors, etc. of this government-sponsored production are concerned, they are “non-essential” to how all this plays out. (It’s already been declared officially and formally by local and state governments that the “business” of churches is non-essential to the public good). Gospel ministers are meant to stay back stage as nothing more than “extras” to be used when and if they’re called on.

The “trailer,” the “preview” has been rolled out, and churches and pastors don’t make much of an appearance in it. But I think that’s about to change in a dramatic way. Why? Because, the trailer is running too long, and the promised “coming attraction” is too ugly and frightening to be acceptable.

The carefully crafted story regarding America’s future hasn’t been completely come to the “big screen” yet. In filmmaker language, It’s still in the “can.” There’s still time for God’s people to “bestir” themselves and take hold of what’s in the “can,” and start doing a whole lot of major cutting, rewriting and revising. The domestic enemies of America have something R-rated (something reprehensible and rotten) planned for us as a nation, but we can something turn it into something G-rated (rated fit for God’s viewing). At least, how play our roles as pastors and churches can be G-rated.

Pastors and churches need to “bestir” themselves in terms of prayer, and protest publicly against evil and proclaim the truth as never before. The “movie” in the making right now could play out as planned. If it does, the last frame will be:



And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

—John 8:32

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