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Thomas Jefferson wrote: “The mass of mankind have not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately, by the grace of God. “ Let me paraphrase: “No American exist with a saddle on his or her back so political elitists, booted and spurred, can ride them. “But Democrat politicians and a few pseudo-Republicans apparently don’t believe this. They think they are born to ride, and the rest of us are born to be ridden by them. Since they suffer from sin-induced brain rot, this is really what they think, and this is why they’re acting like they are.

American government doesn’t allow for Congressmen, governors or mayors, etc. to ride, spur, whip, tether, hobble, hitch, stable or brand any of us. The law of the land forbids it! Our government, designed to be "of the people, by the people and for the people" strictly forbids any such traitorous criminality to be perpetrated by political office holders upon any American.

Political office holders, almost entirely Democrats, across the land have put themselves above the law and made themselves criminals and enemies of the people. Much of their behavior is by definition, treasonous right now. They have violated and continue to violate the Constitution and disregard the Bill of Rights and abuse their offices. They have put the sharpest bits into our mouths and dug their spurs into us as deeply as it has pleased them at any moment to do so, and for as long as it pleases them to. do it.

Americans have been patient and cooperative, as seemingly reasonable behavior by politicians has become more and more unreasonable, cruel and destructive. But we’ve been saddled, bridled, mounted, spurred and reined in for way to long. Government types are forgetting their place is not on our backs, but more properly under us; to serve us under the law. Maybe a little if not a lot of bucking and throwing is in order right now.

Be reminded Americans, none of us were born to be broke to the saddle and the halter by mayors, governors, congressmen or anyone else. Be careful that you don’t let yourself get used to the saddle, bridle and whip of government. Government types will cinch up the saddle on us as tight as they can and as often and they can. They can be counted on to do it if we let them forget who they are and who we are.

Again, we are not citizen-slaves living in China, Cuba or North Korea. We are free-born and born-to-be-free Americans. We are not horses to be ridden, cattle to be driven, or sheep for people in government to herd, pen, feed, shear and inoculate as it pleases them.

Take a look. Is there a saddle on your back? There isn’t. And it’s time to let all our would be “riders” in local state and national government know it in a way that cannot be misunderstood by them either now or in the future.

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