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Why did President Trump announce recently say that he is taking Hydroxychloroquine, and why doesn’t he wear a mask during press briefings when the medical “experts” all show up conspicuously wearing one? The media is (of course) outraged about both these things. So why is the President letting it be known that he's taking Hydroxychloroquine and why doesn't he wear a mask? Here’s my (I think, educated) guess.

We have a President who leads by personal example who has, from day one, made it clear that the common sense of individual Americans should not be put on hold during the Covid-19 situation. After all, the “experts” have been on-again-off-again with their “expert” pronouncements (including the wearing of masks) on a near weekly basis.

I think the evidence will be in soon that had at least a measure of common sense on the part of Americans been allowed to prevail during these times we’d be a lot better off today than we are because of the highhanded measures taken by politicians who apparently think we can’t be trusted to wash our hands, use a handkerchief or stay at home to prevent ourselves or others from getting sick. These politicians (Almost all Democrats with a few pseudo-Republicans) think that none of us have enough sense to know how to properly adjust our work routines or how to run our businesses.

I’ve been around a lot of politicians and office holders for many years in all kinds of public and more private situations. Here’s a newsflash: Most of them are have no more, and many a lot less, common sense regarding personal hygiene than the average American. I’ve seen office holders at every level of government not bother to wash their hands after using restroom facilities before they went out and started shaking hands with folks. Furthermore a good proportion of these people couldn’t run a popsicle stand profitably. Yet, they’ve made and are making decisions that have contributed to a lot of avoidable deaths, put hundreds of thousands of businesses out of existence, and put millions of mothers and fathers out of work. Based on their morality, work ethic, intelligence and capacity for plain old common sense many of them wouldn’t be trusted to babysit children, work on an assembly line or be a shift manager in a fast food restaurant.

I think our President, who has one of the very highest IQs of any President, also has common sense regarding health safety and responsibility; common sense that he is determined to use regardless of whether anyone likes it or not. I think he’s sending a message that it’s okay for Americans to use their own common sense respective to our personal health and that of others. I think the President is as right about this as he has been right about almost everything else in terms of leading the country, and so far he has been right early on about a whole lot more things than he has been wrong.

I think that there would have been less loss of life, less damage to our economy and less violation of our rights if Americans had not been forced to do things that go against their own common sense. Instead, many mayors, governors and people in congressional office; strutting, posturing and squawking like birdbrained peacocks have demonstrated to our loss and peril how dumbfoundingly deficient they are in the area of common sense. They need to be remembered at election time, if they aren’t recalled before then.

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