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One side effect of the Covid-19 pandemic involves a brain-related problem that I call “Non-Think.” “Non Think” isn’t something caused by the virus; it’s a condition that has been exposed and exasperated by it, and it’s a problem that has been escalating in America for a long time.

The symptoms of Non-Think can be seen right now in millions of Americans who continue to listen to the same medical “experts” who carelessly pooled their ignorance and arrogantly injected, and want to keep injecting it, into our national body. And. Tragically, they have produced a mountain of trouble that, without their input, would have been a molehill that we could have contended with at far less cost to lives and livelihoods.

The conclusions and counsel of people like Birx and Fauci have been consistently bogus and at odds with the vast majority of medical professionals and scientists. Still, millions of Americans, suffering from Non-Think, continue to follow their guidance however nonsensical it is proven to be. Meanwhile, the spirits, quality of lifestyle and futures of Americans continues on a course of ultimate and inevitable ruin.

Non-Think is also seen in how millions of Americans continue to scrape and bow, jump through hoops, roll over and play dead, etc. etc., in accord with the stupid dictates of men and women in governors’ and mayoral offices; people who are some of the dumbest, most devious, people on the planet; people who daily are being seen for the bunch of mean-spirited draconian dunces that they are; people who can be imagined walking around with one hand tucked inside their shirts or blouses stupidly entertaining thoughts of their own Napoleonic grandeur.

Let’s get it straight, the medical “experts” who have gotten us into this mess and who are largely responsible for so much loss of life and property have been wrong, wrong, wrong! The mayors and governors – tyrants at heart and blockheads in practice – are people who are, in terms of fitness to govern, bad, bad, bad people. Why then are they still being taken seriously and blindly followed? Answer: Because so many Americans are suffering from Non-Think.

Non-Think is the result of sin-induced “brain rot” that acts like a sort of mental fungus that causes a progressive malfunctioning of the mind, particularly in areas that pertain to such things as morals, virtue, goodness, and God-consciousness. It is especially in evidence where people embrace the killing of their own offspring, deny gender-difference, defy all biblical, historical, traditional standards relative to human life, and want nothing to do with God. It makes people self-destructive and suicidal. It makes them adopt toxic lifestyles and philosophies and support people and policies that militate against their own freedom, prosperity and future wellbeing. Non-Think inclines people to put theirs and their family’s lives into the hands of people who have no regard for human life, who will sacrifice anybody or anything to satisfy their own insatiable lust for power, and whose political ideologies are identical to those held by the most monstrous tyrants in history.

An epidemic of “Non-Think” will make physical, political and material recovery from Covid-19 more difficult if not impossible, and contribute more than anything else to the downfall of our Constitutional Republic. Again, Thomas Paine was right when he said: “When men yield up the privilege of thinking, the last shadow of liberty quits the horizon.”

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