"And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street and equity cannot enter."

—Isa. 59:14

U. S. Supreme Court Justice, Joseph Story (1779-1845) wrote, “Without justice being freely, fully, and impartially administered, neither our persons, nor our rights, nor our property, can be protected.” The key word here is the word “impartially.” Judge Learned Hand (1872-1961) had stated earlier, “If we are to keep our democracy,” there must be one commandment: Thou shalt not ration justice.” The key word here is "ration.”

The fact is, that justice is not being “rendered impartially” when the law seems to work one way for some people and a different way for others. These days, for the identical crime, some people get a huge “ration” of justice, others get a small “ration” and some get no “ration” of justice at all. This isn’t right. It’s dangerous, and it needs to stop.

The starkest illustration to date that our justice system has been allowed to become an ugly joke can be seen right now pertaining to people in the last administration. There is a preponderance of evidence, now public knowledge, that many of these people during and following their "service" in that administration, have been guilty of perjury and other crimes that border on treason. Some of them have publicly and arrogantly confessed their guilt. Average citizens would have been fined, imprisoned, etc. for similar or less offenses, but not these political elites. These elites have gotten a free pass in terms of crime and punishment and what is supposed to be equal treatment under the law.

The privileged, political elites operate for the most part with impunity, and are rewarded with governmental promotions, lucrative book deals and high paying jobs as consultants for the mainline media. Criminal cases, in their cases, aren't pursued or prosecuted. So, they are left to do whatever they like with impunity, even if this includes running for President of the United States or trying to overthrow the current President. It seems like they can do, and will do, just about anything they want to do because they know that the justice system doesn't work the same for them as it does for the rest of us. They know it and we know it.

When will people in high political places be brought to justice and punished in the same way average Americans are tried and punished for breaking the law? No real confidence in government can be restored until the American public starts seeing politicians and otherwise politically-connected people, popular celebrities, monied people and media elites get the same “ration” of justice as the rest of us.

We have an elite class, a self-perceived ruling class, of people in this country now who with good reason, see themselves as being above the law; outside the jurisdiction of the Department of Justice, and immune to any moral restraints. These are people who wantonly steal, lie under oath, commit treason, etc., etc. Then, they flaunt, confess, and laugh about their guilt on national television and continue to walk around as free as birds, enjoying their tax payer provided salaries, perks and pensions. I think this needs to end. If it doesn’t, we are done for as a nation of free people.