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A friend of mine recently wrote the following, and asked me to offer my opinion: “This virus” he wrote, “was a smokescreen to cause the officials and the American people to get sidetracked and keep them away from the real issues of America which right now is Obamagate. This is possibly the worst constitution-breaking incident in American political history and they tried to shield themselves by getting this virus in the way.”

My answer was: “I think the possibility is strong that somehow the Coronavirus thing was, and continues to be, stirred up, manipulated, merchandised on, to create a "smokescreen" to deflect attention from crimes committed under that administration. The thing that needs to be remembered in considering anything like this is just how evil these people are, and that in keeping with their ideology and the Satanic influence that they are under and driven by, death by diseases or any other means of millions of Americans means nothing to them if it serves their interests. We are in grave danger individually and as a Republic right now, and it is up to common everyday Americans to act because our government, in the end, will probably not bring any of these people to justice no matter how patently guilty they are publicly proven to be.”

A parting thought: Some might read my friend’s comment and immediately put it in the category of “conspiracy theory.” “Conspiracy theory” has been the catch phrase, the bug-a-boo accusation, the preferred method for silencing any legitimate question or inquiry, for a long time, and the enemies of freedom have used it effectively to shut the mouths of any who disagree with or oppose them. The charge of “Conspiracy theory” has worked wonderfully well in getting normally rational people to immediately ignore facts, call black white and white black, evil good and good evil, etc., etc. All it takes to get most Americans, however right they are about anything, to drop a subject, clam up and push the pause button on their brain is to have two words directed at them in response to whatever they have to say — “conspiracy theory.”

“Conspiracy theory” is the incantation — incantation being defined as “a series of words said as a magic charm” — of those who want to silence opposition. It’s a powerful device used by fake news media, corrupt politicians and others who feel threatened by truth and/or are too lazy to pursue truth.

Of course there are genuine conspiracy theories. These are usually easily identifiable by how obviously ridiculous they are and how easily they may be disproven by verifiable facts. But, simply calling an opposing view a “conspiracy theory” doesn’t make it one. If you aren’t already, just start saying “No” to these stupid, insulting tactics.

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