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Who do Democrats pray to? This is a sincere question. Democrat Party leaders, celebrities, and media figures who identify with the Democratic Party continuously make public reference to the prayers that they pray. So do the rank and file of people who agree with the Democratic Party platform and vote “Democrat.” So, here is an honest and easy to answer question: Who do they “pray” to?

It would be confusing and perhaps offensive to these folks to assume that they “pray” to the God of The Bible. Why? Because the things that are underscored in the Bible as things that God hates and abominates are the very things that are supported, praised, voted for and whenever possible made into law by Democrats. The Bible, by the way, claims to be God’s own Word (2 Tim. 3:16,17).

The God of the Bible makes it clear that He hates, abominates, forbids and will punish such things as burning, looting, lying, sexual perversion, same-sex marriage, child abuse and baby killing. This is just a short list of things that God (to put it mildly) is against. But Democrats, whether they are in seats of government, among the Hollywood or sports celebrity set, in the media, the man on the street — wherever and whoever they are — are enthusiastically, radically, dependably FOR all these things that the God of the Bible is so clearly and adamantly AGAINST. Would it not require an immeasurable stretch of the imagination to assume that Democrats are praying to this God?

Again, this is a sincere and honest question. I know that in America there are many different belief systems that different people subscribe to. I know there are many different deities; gods, goddesses, individuals, etc. that people worship and to whom they offer their prayers. I know that there are many in America now who even proudly worship and pray to Satan. I know that any worship not received by God is received by Satan as worship of himself, whether or not the worshippers are themselves aware of it (1 Cor. 10:19, 20). I would just like to know to whom or what all of the prayers Democrats claim to be praying are being directed.

Democrats insist that they are praying, and I will assume they are. But to whom or what are they praying? Maybe they are just saying meaningless words that they think sound good to the public. Maybe they want to convince themselves that they’re praying to the God of the Bible but are like a man Jesus told of who only “prayed thus with himself” (Luke 18:11). In other words, he was only praying “with” himself, not “to” God (See John 9:31). Maybe Democrats don’t know to whom or to what they’re praying. Maybe they do know, but don’t want anyone else to know.

One thing I know is that with the exception of only one prayer, the God of the Bible doesn’t hear the prayers of people who believe and practice what Democrats believe and practice. That one prayer when sincerely prayed by anyone will be heard, answered in the affirmative and put a person in position to pray to God for a multitude of things. That one prayer is the prayer that asks God for forgiveness of sin and confesses faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior (Rom. 10:9-13; Acts 16:31; 20:21).

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

—John 8:32

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